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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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October 9
1939 To celebrate AASHO's 25th anniversary, some 500 members have breakfast at Washington, DC's Raleigh Hotel, site of the association's founding. (See December 12, 1914.) In the day's highlight, AASHO President W. W. Mack presents Certificates of Appreciation to the 15 surviving founders, 9 of whom are present. J. E. Pennybacker, Jr., the only surviving founder from OPR, is present to receive his certificate. "As president of the Association," Mack says, "no happier privilege comes to me than that of presenting these certificates to the men who made highway history here 25 years ago."
1961 Parade magazine notifies the Maine State Highway Commission that a 24-mile section of I-95 (Augusta to Waterville and Fairfield) has been chosen America's finest new scenic highway in the magazine's first competition. An article in the October 15 issue comments that the State thought "the interstate route in tourist-conscious Maine should be a delight to drive along, as well as an efficient conveyor."
PHOTO: View of America's most scenic highway of 1961.
View of America's most scenic highway of 1961 at the point where it makes a wide sweeping curve around the Mayflower Hill campus of Colby College in Waterville, ME.
1967 Administrator Lowell Bridwell announces that a 7-week study has confirmed the safety benefits of shoulder belts used in combination with seat belts.
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