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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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October 22
1965 President Lyndon Johnson signs the Highway Beautification Act. He gives the first pen, and a kiss, to Lady Bird Johnson, who started it all by telling her husband he ought to do something about highway beautification. He says, "This bill does not represent all we want, or all we need, or all the national interest requires. But it is a first step. There will be other steps." The President, who had a gall bladder operation 2 weeks earlier, described his trip home on the George Washington Memorial Parkway: "I saw Nature at its purest . . . . And not one foot of it was marred by a single unsightly man-made obstruction--no advertising signs, no junkyards. Well, doctors could prescribe no better medicine for me."
"Beauty belongs to all the people."
President Lyndon B. Johnson
October 22, 1965

1968 A 3-day Quality Assurance Workshop begins at the Ambassador Hotel in Washington, DC, with 75 State and 50 BPR engineers on hand to discuss statistical quality assurance in highway construction.
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