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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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October 23
1899 General Roy Stone resigns and Martin Dodge is appointed Director by President William McKinley. While General Roy Stone served in Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War, Dodge had been Acting Director from August 1898 to January 1899. Dodge serves until 1905.
PHOTO: Martin Dodge
Martin Dodge
Office of Public Road Inquiries
1961 Mrs. Minnie Lee Harkins, BPR Training Officer, opens a 5-day secretarial development course in the Region 4 Office. Through the use of book reviews, films, discussions, and group participation, Mrs. Harkins gives her students a new concept of the position, "Secretary." They prepare papers on the following subjects: Sincerity, Efficiency, Confidence, Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Tactfulness, Awareness, Resourcefulness, and Your Attitude.
1962 President John F. Kennedy signs the Federal-Aid Highway Act, which creates the "3C" metropolitan planning process ("continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive") and authorizes funds for relocation advisory assistance.
1968 Administrator Lowell Bridwell proposes procedures to ensure full public participation in the development of Federal-aid highway projects. He calls for two public hearings, one in advance of route location decisions and one before design approval. He also calls on States to consider the social, economic, and environmental effects of planned projects on the communities through which they pass.
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