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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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December 3
1962 During AASHO's Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, FL, Administrator Rex Whitton announces the goal of completing 50 percent of the Interstate System by the end of 1964. He reminds State highway officials that they must keep their sights on the 1972 target date for completion of the System. "We need the enthusiastic support of the public for our highway program, support which I am sure can be gained by providing long usable sections of Interstate highways."
Photo: BPR exhibit used to promote completion of the Interstate System.
BPR exhibit used to promote completion of the Interstate System.
1968 At AASHO's Annual Meeting, E. H. "Ted" Holmes, FHWA's Director of Policy Planning, receives the Thomas H. MacDonald Award for outstanding service in highway engineering.
1974 Thirty-three FHWA hydraulic engineers and representatives of 15 State highway agencies begin a new 2-week course on "Highways in the River Environment," presented by Colorado State University at Fort Collins. It is the first course in river mechanics for highway engineers.
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