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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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December 4
1894 ORI issues Bulletin No. 1, State Laws Relating to the Management of Roads, Enacted in 1888-91, compiled by General Roy Stone. He reports that 14 States have passed road laws "more or less radical in their character," but they are so recent that no record of results is available. "In New Jersey, however, the new laws date from 1888 to 1892, and have proved so satisfactory in practice that no effort to amend them was made in 1893." The other 13 States covered are California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.
1954 BPR's L. E. Knight and Paul Potts join C. F. Hotler of the State Highway Department of Indiana to perform the first road roughness test on the Indiana Test Road along U.S. 31 north of Columbus. The resulting report shows roughness in units per mile for each half-mile, for any remaining lesser portion of each test section, and for each lane. The road test was required by State law, but the test pavements were constructed as part of regularly programmed Federal-aid projects.
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