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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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December 11
1912 OPR's M. O. Eldridge and Paul D. Sargent present an illustrated lecture on the "Roads of the World" at 8 p.m., opening day of the Indiana Better Roads Convention at the German House in Indianapolis. On December 13, Sargent reads Director Logan Page's speech on why every State should have a highway agency and a State-aid plan.
"There are two things that make against roads: water and politics."
M. O. Eldridge
December 11, 1912

1942 Senior Structural Engineer Harry P. Hart completes a 6-day investigation of the Cali-Buenaventura Road in Colombia, made at the request of the Rubber Reserve Company and representatives of the Colombian government. The goal is to suggest ways of accelerating completion of the unfinished portion. He recommends completing the survey expeditiously; increasing the number of workmen; using small hand-operated machines, such as hand-winches and rock-pans; and completing missing bridges on the Buenaventura end because the lack of communication is hampering the work.
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