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FHWA Advanced Geotechnical Methods in Exploration (A-GaME)

Advanced Geotechnical Methods in Exploration

Every Day is A-GaME Day
Mitigate risks and improve reliability by optimizing geotechnical site characterization with proven, effective exploration methods and practices.

A-GaME Video Series

Watch recorded A-GaME videos and learn about technologies for enhanced, effective site characterization that can help to save time, money and resources in transportation projects.

A-GaME Bulletins

Updates on A-GaME technologies, success stories, news, events and collaborations.

Bulletin #1: A-GaME Televiewer Technology Aids in Design of Slope Repair
Bulletin #2: A-GaME Webinar Series Available On Demand
Bulletin #3: A-GaME – Dominate the Field Investigation
Bulletin #4: A-GaME − States Implement Measurement While Drilling
Bulletin #5: The A-GaME − Learn All About Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
Bulletin #6: Beyond the A-GaME – Other Valuable Methods in Site Investigation
Bulletin #7: The A-GaME − Learn All About Optical and Acoustic Televiewers
Bulletin #8: A-GaME Geophysical Methods and NDE Technologies Team Up
Bulletin #9: The A-GaME − Learn About Electrical and Seismic Geophysical Methods
Bulletin #10: The A-GaME – Contracting Quality Geophysical Services
Bulletin #11: Learn More About A-GaME Methods – Join Geo-Industry Technology Users Groups
Bulletin #12: The A-GaME – Delivering Winning Outcomes
Bulletin #13: Application of Geophysical Methods to Highway Related Problems
Bulletin #14: The A-GaME – Continuous Data with Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
Bulletin #15: The A-GaME – Measurement While Drilling: Data Straight from the Rig
Bulletin #16: The A-GaME – Post-Game Analysis
Bulletin #17: The A-GaME – A Look Down the Hole with Optical and Acoustic Televiewers



Learn more about the A-GaME technologies, applications and user's experiences from the FHWA and our industry partners.

A-GaME Fact Sheet

DFI Subsurface Characterization for Deep Foundations Committee

Geo-Institute of ASCE and Geostrata magazine




Game (Advanced Geotechnical Methods) "On": A Guest Editorial in Deep Foundations by Benjamin Rivers, P. E., FHWA Resource Center

Looking to the Sky for Geotechnical Data: An article in the spring 2021 issue of Public Roads

Geophysics and Non-destructive Evaluation in US Transportation Infrastructure: A special issue of EEGS FastTIMES magazine

Bring Your A-GaME to ABC Adding Project Value Using Newer Geotechnical Tools: A webinar from the Florida International University Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center

Bring Your A-GaME, Massachusetts! An article published in the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES)

Advantages of Geophysics to Improve Site Characterization and Reliability for Transportation Projects: An article published in the February 28, 2021, issue of Transportation Research Record


Ben Rivers
FHWA Resource Center
(404) 562-3926

Derrick Dasenbrock
FHWA Resource Center
(202) 923-0972

Silas Nichols
FHWA Office of Infrastructure
(202) 336-1554

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