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Expansive Soils A Review of Engineering Experiences with Expansive Soils in Highway Subgrades  1975  FHWA-RD-75-48  PB76-248658/AS   
Expansive Soils An Evaluation of Expedient Methodology for Identification of Potentially Expansive Soils  1977  FHWA-RD-77-94  PB77-289164/AS   
Expansive Soils An Evaluation of Methodology for Prediction and Minimization of Detrimental Volume Change of Expansive Soils in Highway Subgrades  1979       
Expansive Soils An Investigation of the Natural Microscale Mechanisms That Cause Volume Change in Expansive Clays  1977  FHWA-RD-77-75  PB77-291782/AS   
Expansive Soils An Occurrence and Distribution Survey of Expansive Materials in the United States by Physiographic Areas  1976  FHWA-RD-76-82  PB76-265230/AS   
Ground Improvement AASHTO Task Force 27 Report - In Situ Soil Improvement Techniques  1992  FHWA-SA-92-041     
Pile Foundations Allowable Stresses in Piles  1983  FHWA-RD-83-059  PB84-199462   
Research A Quarter Century of Geotechnical Research  1998  FHWA-RD-98-139     
Retaining Walls Analysis And Design Problems in Modeling Slurry Wall Construction  1973  FHWA-RD-73-93  PB-230940   
Slope & Embankment Stability Advanced Course on Slope Stability      PB95-225819   
Soil Compaction & Stabilization A Laboratory Evaluation of Two Proprietary Materials as Compaction Aids and Soil Stabilizers  1975  FHWA-RD-75-32  PB88-136353/AS   
Tunneling Aerial Remote Sensing Techniques for Defining Critical Geologic Features Pertinent to Tunnel Location & Design  1976  FHWA-RD-76-72  PB-278032   
Waste Utilization Availability of Mining Wastes and Their Potential for use as Highway Materials  1976       
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