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Recorded Webinar Series

As part of the Highways for LIFE (HfL) effort to get more people using innovations, in cooperation with the National Highway Institute, HfL initiated a series of monthly web conferences. Each 90-minute web conference focuses on a different innovation and includes a panel of speakers from throughout the highway community who are recognized experts in the particular innovation. We bring together users of these innovations to share their experiences and the lessons they learned and then answer questions from the participants.

Date Webinar
9/30/2014 Geospatial Data Collaboration: Geospatial Tools for Data Sharing
8/14/2014 Embedded Data Collectors
5/28/2014 Every Day Counts Locally Administered Projects; Consultant Service Flexibilities
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10/17/13 Alternative Contracting Methods
9/19/2013 Towing and Recovery Service Partnership (TRSP)
8/22/2013 Fully Precast Bridge Bents for Use in Seismic Regions
7/23/2013 FRP Composite Bridge Decking
6/25/2013 UHPC for Precast Bridge Decks and Connections: Design Guide, Construction Experience, and Owner Perspective
5/22/2013 PaveSuite: New Pavement Evaluation Tools
1/17/2013 Severe Duty Crash Cushions
12/20/2012 GIS and optimization tools for linking transportation and natural resource planning: an approach for optimizing mitigation in a fiscally constrained environment
10/18/2012 GIS Tools for Linking Transportation and Natural Resource Planning
7/19/2012 Rigidified FRP Tubular Arches & Hybrid Composite Beams
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6/21/2012 Resilient Bridge Design
5/17/2012 Road Safety Audit (RSA) Webinar: Focus on Implementation
3/15/2012 Bridge Preservation Webinar
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10/20/2011 Meeting the Implementation Challenges of Accelerated Bridge Construction on Interstate 93
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9/15/2011 Control of Concrete Cracking in Bridges and Pavements
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8/18/2011 Precast Bridge Bent System for Use in High Seismic Regions
7/21/2011 3-D Design Modeling: Improved Method for Project Plans: Yields Improved Projects, Improved Quality
6/16/2011 Linking Transportation and Natural Resource Planning through Environmental GIS Tools
5/19/2011 To Accelerate Bridge Construction or not? A Planning Phase Decision Tool for ABC
4/21/2011 Field-Cast Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections for Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems
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11/18/2010 Ultra-High Performance Concrete, An Introduction to the Material and Potential Applications
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10/21/2010 3d Design: Better Quality, Better Product
9/16/2010 Best Practices in Work Zone Assessment, Data Collection, and Performance Measurement
8/16/2010 Webinar on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite and Recycled Plastic Bridges
7/15/2010 Construction Analysis Software Tools (CAST)
6/17/2010 Culvert Repair Techniques
5/24/2010 Surface Treatments for Horizontal Curves
5/20/2010 Overview of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles for Transportation Applications

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