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Bridge Technologies

Composite Bridge Decking

(BridgeComposites, LLC) State DOT's have expressed a need for corrosion-resistant, light-weight bridge decking for rapid installation on moveable bridges. Over the past several years, the New York State DOT developed a bridge deck that would be well-suited for such an application. It is made primarily of fiber reinforced polymer composite materials that use confined cementitious grout to produce a structurally efficient section. Lab tests have shown that the hybrid deck can meet AASHTO loading requirements, be detailed for easy and rapid installation, and endure the repeated loadings required for a long service life. As a first step, this project will demonstrate that the section can be produced economically through alternative methods of composite production such as pultrusion, vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM), or off-shore subcomponent manufacture. Detailed manufacturing specifications and shop drawings will be produced and made available to others to encourage broad acceptance in the engineering community. Award amount of $460,305 includes a field installation on an existing fixed-span bridge. It is anticipated that successful completion of this project will lead to future installation on a moveable span bridge.

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Fully Precast Bridge Bents for Use in Seismic Regions

(Berger/Abam Engineers) Prefabricated bridges bents, also known as piers, have not been used in seismic regions because accepted methods of making connections that are both structurally robust and quick to assemble were not known and were not addressed in design specifications. This project will demonstrate a totally precast concrete bridge bent system that can be used in seismic regions. This new technology, to be used on a bridge in Washington State, allows the main elements of bridge bents to be prefabricated off site. Then the segments are moved into place and assembled to form the bents, greatly reducing construction time and traffic delays. Award amount of $400,397.

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Full Depth Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Waffle Bridge Panels

Bridge engineers are seeking new ways to build better bridges, reduce travel times, and improve repair techniques; thereby reducing maintenance. Precast panels manufactured from UHPC can provide significant durability improvements to bridge decks due to the high strength, extremely low permeability, and improved connection details inherent in the system. The use of this innovation will result in reduced construction time for new and rehabilitated bridges, the ability to upgrade the load carrying capacity of existing bridges, and improved durability of bridge decks. Award amount $382,971.

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