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Asset Management


Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
Economics in Asset Management: The New York Experience

Agency Facts

Tradeoff analysis compares the net benefits of competing investment options in terms of their "dollars and cents" impact on the public. Information from the analysis allows planners and engineers to identify the most beneficial investments.

NYSDOT is headquartered in Albany and has 11 regional offices and 68 county maintenance facilities. NYSDOT employs approximately 10,000 persons statewide.

New York State's transportation network is unique among the 50 States in the diversity of its assets and the user demand for them. The system includes these facilities:

  • A State and local highway system that encompasses more than 110,000 highway miles and 17,000 bridges and handles over 133 billion vehicle miles of travel annually
  • A rail network of 5,000 miles of track over which 42 million tons of equipment, raw materials, manufactured goods, and produce are shipped each year
  • 456 public and private aviation facilities through which more than 31 million people travel each year
  • More than 130 public transit operators, serving over 5.2 million passengers each day-equal to one-third of all public transportation passengers nationwide
  • 12 major public and private ports that collectively handle more than 110 million tons of freight annually

The mission of NYSDOT is to ensure that its customers-those who move themselves, other people, or products to, from, through, or within New York State-have a safe, efficient, balanced, and environmentally sound transportation system.

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Updated: 06/27/2017
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