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General and Travel

Blodgett, Peter J., Motoring West: Automobile Pioneers, 1900-1909, Volume 1, University of Oklahoma Press, 2015. (A collection of articles written in the first decade of the 20th century describing motorists' experiences, including the fine points of transcontinental travel.) (listed 08/24/2016)

Cleary, Richard L., Bridges, W. W. Norton and Company, 2007. (Compiled with the Library of Congress, this book is a visual sourcebook of American bridge design in four fundamental types: beam, arch, truss, and suspension, as well as movable bridges (swing, lift, and bascule). It includes nearly 1,000 archival photographs, plans, drawings, and engravings, and a CD-ROM with high-quality downloadable TIFF files of all the illustrations.) (listed 11/21/2016)

Davis, Timothy, National Park Roads: A Legacy in the American Landscape, University of Virginia Press, 2016. (Dr. Davis, a historian with the National Park Service, has written what a review in The Washington Post called "a fascinating and lavishly illustrated book about those paved ways.") (listed 09/21/2016)

Guroff, Margaret, The Mechanical Horse: How the Bicycle Reshaped American Life, Texas, 2016. (A survey of the history of the bicycle from the 19th to the 21st century.) (listed 04/27/2016)

Hofstra, Warren R., and Raitz, Karl, editors, The Great Valley Road of Virginia: Shenandoah Landscapes From Prehistory to the Present, University of Virginia Press, 2010.(listed 05/05/2016)

White, John H., Jr., Wet Britches and Muddy Boots: A History of Travel in Victorian America, Indiana University Press, 2013. (Tells the story of what travel was like in the 1880s, with chapters on canals, ferryboats, omnibuses, ocean sail, passenger trains, stagecoach travel, steamships, and streetcars.) (listed 11/21/2016)

Magazine Articles

Axline, Jon, "A Massive Undertaking: Constructing Montana's Interstate Highways, 1956-1988", Montana: The Magazine of Western History, Autumn 2013. (listed 04/11/2016)


Pushchendorf, L. Robert, "Lifting Our People Out of the Mud: The Good Roads Movement in Nebraska," Nebraska History, Winter 2015, pages 162-179 (listed 08/24/2016)

Raitz, Karl, and O'Malley, Nancy, Kentucky's Frontier Highway: Historical Landscapes Along the Maysville Road, University of Kentucky Press, 2012. (listed 06/02/2016)

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