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Barrow, Robert Van, The Politics of Interstate Route Selection: A Case Study of Interest Activities in a Decision Situation, The Florida State University, 1967.

Brown, Jeffrey Richard, Trapped in the Past: The Gas Tax and Highway Finance, University of California, Los Angeles, 1998. (Evolution of the gas tax as a way of financing highway projects.)

Chernoff, Michael Light, The Social Impacts of Urban Sections of the Interstate Highway System, University of Massachusetts, 1976.

Corbett, William Paul, Oklahoma's Highways: Indian Trails to Urban Expressways, Oklahoma State University, 1982.

Crane, Stuart R., Federal Financing for Toll Projects Incorporated in the Interstate Highway System, Indiana University, 1967.

Ellis Clifford Donald, Visions of Urban Freeways, 1930-1970, University of California at Berkeley, 1990.

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Huddleston, John David, Good Roads for Texas: A History of the Texas Highway Department, 1917-1947, Texas A&M University, August 1981.

Kaplan, Michael David, Otto Mears: Colorado's Transportation King, University of Colorado, 1975.

Karn, Edwin Daniel, Pre-Railroad Transportation in the Upper Mississippi Valley, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1986.

Kobrick, Jake I., Let the People Have a Victory: The Politics of Transportation in Philadelphia, 1946-1984, University of Maryland, 2010.

Korr, Jeremy Louis, Washington's Main Street: Consensus and Conflict on the Capital Beltway, 1952-2001, University of Maryland, 2002. (Draws on cultural landscape analysis, ethnography, and planning history to study the Capital Beltway as a physical artifact and a social institution.)

Litvak, Dianna, "Freeway Fighters in Denver, 1948-1975," Master's Thesis, University of Colorado, Denver, 2007. (Analyzes the relationships between city planners, elected officials, neighborhood activists, and Federal and State highway engineers during the planning and construction of the Valley Highway and I-70 through older neighborhoods in north Denver. Available from the university via interlibrary loan.)

Mason, Phillip, The League of American Wheelmen and the Good Roads Movement 1890-1905, M.A. Thesis, The American University, 1957.

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Rose, Mark Howard, Express Highway Politics, 1939-1956, The Ohio State University, 1973.

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Thornton, N. B., The Politics of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, University of Virginia, 1969.

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