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EDC News

May 13, 2021

Innovation of the Month:
Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian

The Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) program helps State and local programs systemically apply countermeasures. The STEP program features over 30 case studies that highlight how agencies have implemented the "spectacular seven" countermeasures, and including in concert with a comprehensive plan or program like a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP), Vision Zero implementation plan, Complete Streets approach, or Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) pedestrian program.

The Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in Florida worked with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to complete a series of PSAPs to set the stage for the development of various multimodal and Complete Streets projects. The Complete Streets Master Plan included a prioritized list of projects that identified areas for transportation and safety improvements.

Excerpt from Broward MPO Complete Streets Master Plan, showing locations of proposed and programmed projects, bundle areas, and existing bicycle facilities.
Excerpt of bundle area and corridor recommendations from the Complete Streets Master Plan. (Credit: Broward MPO)

Broward MPO's focus on pedestrian safety has improved project implementation in several ways. Similar to a roadway safety audit, the inclusion of walking audits allowed FDOT engineers and community leaders to build a common dialogue on safety needs and ultimately project scope. Second, the MPO served in a guidance and technical resources role to municipalities as they developed resolutions in support of projects within the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Finally, the MPO facilitated a review of project recommendations with FDOT and municipalities to update project scopes, reprogram projects, and consider projects for rapid implementation. These coordinated efforts have led to the inclusion of eight high priority projects from the Complete Streets Master Plan in the TIP.

The Ohio DOT created a Pedestrian Safety Improvement Program to implement low and medium-cost countermeasures along arterials and collectors. ODOT Worked with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission to review its roadway network for high-risk locations and used HSIP funds to upgrade 100 crossing locations with improvements like high-visibility crosswalks, Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons, and pedestrian signal head countdown timers.

If you would like to learn how your agency can put together a comprehensive plan or safety program to improve pedestrian safety with STEP, contact Becky Crowe with FHWA's Office of Safety or Peter Eun with the FHWA Resource Center.

Updated Website Offers New Value Capture Tools

Have you ever wanted to pursue a Value Capture (VC) technique on an upcoming project but needed more information to make an informed recommendation or didn't know where to start? The VC website has been updated with several new pages and features that help agencies make better decisions on which VC techniques may serve their needs best and how to implement them.

A series of new VC primers can assist practitioners understand and navigate the different aspects of implementing VC strategies in transportation projects. These in-depth documents are based on interviews, case studies, and lessons learned from practicing agencies. Each one introduces a VC concept and discusses how it can provide funding to fill a gap to help maintain and improve transportation infrastructure.

The website also features a case study page that provides real-world examples of VC techniques in action. The cases include project details, key regulatory characteristics, and information on funding and financing, as well as chief areas of collaboration and challenges among stakeholders.

In addition, a section of frequently asked questions provides a document for each VC technique outlining questions and answers that provide background, differences and similarities to other VC techniques, advantages and disadvantages, and more.

Visit the updated site to learn more about the techniques agencies are using across the country to capture some of the additional value created by transportation infrastructure projects. To learn more about any of the Value Capture techniques, please contact Thay Bishop or Stefan Natzke, VC team co-leads.

Looking for Tech Savvy Graduates

Emerging technology is a major game changer in the surface transportation industry. There's more to unmanned aerial systems (UAS)—known as drones—than backyard fun. Everything from drone piloting to data analysis, design visualization, and system operations are in demand as UAS changes the fields of bridge inspection, construction inspection, civil engineering, and emergency response. State and local transportation agencies, contractors and private consulting firms are seeking tech savvy, curious and innovative thinkers. Promote our video at your next career fair.

The Highway Construction Workforce Partnership Playbook has innovative strategies for identifying, training, and placing individuals in the Contractors' workforce. Contact Karen Bobo or Joe Conway for more information.

2021 STIC Excellence Award Nominations

Nominations are open for the 2021 STIC Excellence Award, which recognizes a STIC that has made significant impact toward fostering a strong culture for innovation. Past awardees have been recognized for a variety of efforts and initiatives, representing agencies from across the Nation that put innovation at the forefront. FHWA and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Innovation Initiative partnered to sponsor the award to promote innovations and to recognize excellence within the STICs.

Nominations may be submitted through July 1, 2021. See the 2021 STIC Excellence Award Nomination form for more details and visit the STIC Excellence Award webpage to read about past recipients. If you have additional questions, contact Sara Lowry, National STIC Network & Incentive Program Coordinator.

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Every Day Counts, a State-based program of the Federal Highway Administration’s Center for Accelerating Innovation, works with State, local, and private sector partners to encourage the adoption of proven technologies and innovations to shorten and enhance project delivery.

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