Frequently Asked Questions 

The Value Capture FAQs provide users with information on frequent questions or concerns or in case users just want to know about Value Capture strategies but did not know where to start. The FAQs format is structured by the Value Capture Strategy Catalog. The Value Capture revenues generated can help finance the transportation improvement, or it can go toward further transportation investment, spurring a new round of increased accessibility and property value. Among the menu of mechanisms that are most widespread in the United States: special assessments, tax increment financing, development impact fees, developer contributions, and joint development.

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Cost Recovery Strategies

Developer Contribution: Developer Impact Fees/System Development Charges/Mobility Fees

Developer Contribution: Negotiated Exaction Coming Soon

Special Assessment Districts

Coming Soon
Transportation Utility Fees Coming Soon

Capture of Project Benefits Strategies

Transportation Reinvestment Zones/Tax Incremental Reinvestment Zones:

Tax Increment Financing/Tax Allocation Districts Coming Soon

Land Value Tax

Coming Soon

Capture Value from Publicly Owned Facility Strategies

Asset Recycling: Sales or Leased Publicly Owned Underutilizing Facilities

Coming Soon
Joint Development: Transfer Development Right, Right-of-Way Use Agreements
(i.e. Fiber Broadband, Solar, etc.)
Coming Soon

Advertising, Naming Rights, & Sponsorships

Coming Soon
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