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Video Series

The Innovative Finance Video Series provides an overview of a variety of Innovative Finance techniques, explaining how to use limited funding resources in creative ways to deliver projects sooner. If you're new to Innovative Finance, start with the Introduction to Innovative Finance video. The other videos provide more information on specific Innovative Finance technique, and the final video explains how to leverage Federal funding to maximize the benefits of Innovative Finance. Click on the title of each video to view it.

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This video provides a high-level overview of innovative finance for transportation, and how transportation agencies can apply innovative finance to their projects.
This video discusses Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicles (GARVEEs). Debt financing instruments become GARVEEs when future Federal-aid highway funding is pledged to repay the principal and interest.
State Infrastructure Banks icon
This video discusses State Infrastructure Banks (SIBs): what they are, how they work, and how State and local transportation agencies can use them to diversify project funding and advance project delivery.
TIFIA icon
This video provides an overview of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovative Act (TIFIA) credit assistance program, which offers direct loans, loan guarantees, and standby lines of credit for eligible projects.
Public-Private Partnerships icon
This video discusses Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), which are long-term contractual agreements between a public agency and a private entity that allow for greater private participation in the delivery of transportation projects.
Tolling and Pricing icon
This video provides an overview of tolling and pricing techniques that transportation agencies can use to generate revenue and manage travel demand.
Value Capture icon
This video discusses value capture and how transportation agencies can use value capture methods to recover a portion of their investment to build, maintain, or reinvest in the transportation system.
Leveraging Federal Resources icon
This video highlights how to leverage Federal funding in combination with innovative finance techniques to further accelerate the delivery of transportation projects.
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