Value Capture Toolkit

This Value Capture Techniques Toolkit is a collection of resources for public and private entities interested in exploring value capture techniques as finance mechanisms for transportation projects. This Toolkit is based on research from the Center for Innovative Finance's Every Day Counts Initiative (EDC-5).

This Toolkit ultimately seeks to build a bridge from research to practice, leveraging the institutional knowledge developed by those that utilize such techniques to invite others to do the same. This Toolkit is anticipated to be helpful for both those who have and do not have experience in value capture implementation.

Below are descriptions of each of the key resources in this Toolkit. Users should begin with the Quick Start Guide and the Self-Assessment, and then navigate to resources that are most helpful for their stages of readiness.

  • Quick Start Guide: This Guide is a concise reference document to help entities interested in exploring value capture techniques as finance mechanisms for transportation projects. This guide covers the different forms of value capture, necessary resources for implementation, and lessons learned from existing applications.
  • Self-Assessment: Upon completion of this Self-Assessment, users will have identified areas that their respective agencies may wish to strengthen for future use of value capture techniques. The accompanying Capability Maturity Matrix (CMM) can then be used to guide users through the processes necessary to build capacity in such identified areas.
  • Case Studies: These Case Studies provide detailed use cases of different value capture techniques. These Case Studies include project details, key regulatory characteristics, and funding and financing information, as well as key areas of opportunities and challenges among stakeholders.
  • Notable Approaches Database: This Database captures use cases to assist users in the early development of their value capture initiatives. This Database provides details about applications and links to other resources, which can be filtered down. This Database, along with its supporting tables and field dictionaries, can also be downloaded.
  • How-To Briefs: These How-To Briefs provide detailed accounts of the challenges and opportunities associated with different value capture techniques. These How-To Briefs include implementation challenges and solutions, appropriate procedures, technical approaches, and recommended legal language.
  • Nexus and Other Legal Tests: Given that some techniques require legal authority to collect revenue, they may also require enabling legislation. This Report provides key legal tests, legal information, and supporting case law documentation to support users who may need to navigate such legislation.
  • Implementation Guide: This Guide provides information for agencies considering implementations of value capture techniques. This Guide covers value capture techniques and features, options for making business cases, and overviews of relevant regulatory frameworks. Several case studies are also provided.
  • Strategy Primers: These Primers provide guidance on understanding and navigating the implementation of value capture techniques. These Primers are intended to support the understanding of value capture as an innovative revenue-generation tool that may be either project-specific or programmatic in nature.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This section provides users with information on frequent questions or concerns, or if users just want to learn about value capture techniques but do not know where to begin.