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The Office of Innovative Program Delivery (IPD) provides tools, expertise and financing to help the transportation community explore and implement innovative strategies to deliver costly and complex infrastructure projects.

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Model Public-Private Partnerships Toll Concessions Contract Guide - Draft Addendum available for public review. Comments due by February 6. ››

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The Draft Addendum to the Model Public-Private Partnerships Toll Concessions Contract Guide has been released for public comment. As the second part of the toll concession guide, it builds on the "core" provisions presented in Part 1. Comments must be received on or before February 6, 2015.

Combined, the Guide presents key concepts for the structuring of legal contracts for highway Public-Private Partnerships (P3) concession agreements in the United States. As a reference for State and local governments working with the private sector, the Guide explains the major provisions common to P3 contracts. The Guide is part of a broader effort by FHWA to promote understanding of P3 transactions, which will include a parallel document on availability payment P3 contracts.

Read the Federal Register Notice (January 16, 2015)

Read the Draft Addendum

Submit comments via the Federal eRulemaking Portal (type “FHWA-2014-0006” into search engine)

Public-Private Partnership Oversight: How FHWA Reviews P3s ››

FHWA has released guidance describing Federal-aid stewardship and oversight practices for P3 projects. Differences in the procurement, construction and financing of P3s vis-à-vis traditional Federal-aid projects raise important issues for FHWA stewardship. The guidance describes FHWA activities when a state DOT - or a local public agency for which the state DOT is responsible - allocates to a private partner the long-term obligation for some combination of designing, financing, constructing, operating, and maintaining a highway project.

Read the Guidance (January 16, 2015)

Predevelopment Costs for Public-Private Partnership Projects - Federal-aid Highway Program Eligibilities ››

FHWA has released a set of questions and answers providing guidance on the use of Federal-aid highway funds for predevelopment costs. Predevelopment costs include those associated with activities that provide decision-makers the opportunity to identify, assess, and modify potential infrastructure projects and modifications to existing infrastructure projects, and to advance those projects from the conceptual phase to actual construction. These early phase activities are particularly important in identifying opportunities for public-private collaboration in the financing and delivery of infrastructure projects.

Read the FAQ (January 16, 2015)

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