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P3 Toolkit


The P3 Toolkit includes analytical tools and guidance documents to assist in educating public sector policy-makers, legislative and executive staff, and transportation professionals in implementation of P3 projects. The P3 Toolkit forms the base of a broader P3 capacity-building program which includes a curriculum of courses and webinars.

The P3 Toolkit addresses Federal requirements and four key areas of P3 implementation:

  • Legislation and Policy;
  • Planning and Evaluation;
  • Procurement; and
  • Monitoring and Oversight.

As new components of the P3 Toolkit are completed they will be added to this website.

Toolkit Contents

  • Fact Sheets
    These fact sheets provide two-page overviews of key aspects of the P3 Toolkit.
  • Publications
    The P3 Toolkit includes a wide range of primers, guides, discussion papers, and informational reports designed to help practitioners understand and navigate the different aspects of implementing P3 projects. As new guidance documents are completed they will be added to this area of the P3 Toolkit website.
  • Analytical Tool
    The P3-VALUE 2.0 spreadsheet-based calculation tool enables practitioners to conduct risk evaluation, financial feasibility assessment, benefit-cost analysis and value for money analysis for candidate P3 projects. Users enter inputs and key assumptions and are able to see how these affect the model output. While the P3 Toolkit analytical tool is intended to educate users in the analysis of P3 projects, it is not suitable for detailed project evaluation. Detailed analysis should be completed by experts using more sophisticated models.

    Use of the tool is supported by a User Guide and Concept Guide, Quick Start Guide, and FAQs.
    P3-SCREEN is a high-level checklist to identify the different factors and analytical processes involved fact in making key decisions regarding potential P3 procurements. The Excel-based checklist is accompanied by supporting documentation.
  • P3 Webinars
    This webinar series introduces discusses and provides training on various P3s topics and on the P3  P3-VALUE 2.0 Analytical Tool.
  • Training
    The FHWA's Center for Innovative Finance Support has developed a series of training sessions for interested state, regional, and local government officials. The purpose of this training is to provide information and tools to government officials looking to better understand how to develop and evaluate potential P3 proposals.
  • FAQs
    This is a list of FAQs to supplement the User Guide in providing technical assistance to tool users and is organized by category.
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