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Project Profile: Oakland County Michigan Connected Autonomous Vehicle Network Pilot

Oakland County Michigan Connected Autonomous Vehicle Network Pilot - Oakland County, Michigan

photo credit: Oakland County Michigan Connected Vehicle Task Force


Oakland County, Michigan

Project Sponsor / Borrower

Oakland County, Michigan

Program Areas

Alternative Project Delivery Value Capture


Local Road
(dedicated short-range communication connected vehicle infrastructure)


Oakland County is located in southeast Michigan, north of Detroit, and is home to 75 of the largest automotive companies in the U.S. and more than 200 automotive research and development centers. The region is also a global leader in connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) research and development.

In 2014, County officials launched the Oakland County Connected Vehicle Task Force to work with automotive technology companies and other stakeholders to create a business model for investing in connected vehicle technology and infrastructure. At the Task Force's recommendation, in November 2017 Oakland County launched a request for proposals to find a private sector partner to develop, plan and implement a near-term CAV pilot and a longer-term scalable solution to develop a region-wide dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) infrastructure deployment. The County received five responses and in June 2018 it selected P3Mobility to conduct the CAV pilot project.

The pilot project will test DSRC technology to be installed at 10 to 12 intersections in Oakland County with a sample of 250 local motorists who will be given access to a range of associated commercial services. The intent is to:

  • Demonstrate the DSRC technology and the feasibility of delivering premium subscription services in addition to basic safety messages to vehicles equipped with on-board units
  • Test potential customer adoption of fee-based premium services
  • Conduct market research of the proposed services and pricing

The cost of the pilot will include hardware and related equipment, marketing and partner engagement, project management, and operating costs. P3Mobility will self-fund most of the activities and investments required to demonstrate the project's technological viability and revenue potential.


$4.2 million (estimated)

Funding Sources

P3Mobility is securing funding for the project and will oversee the operation of the project infrastructure.

Oakland County will make limited investments in new fiber installations.

Project Delivery / Contract Method Open Bid
Private Partner


Project Advisors / Consultants
  • Aird & Berlis - Legal Counsel
  • Carnrite Group - Management Consultants
  • Centercode - Field Tests
  • ESCRYPT - Embedded IT Security
  • Head Research - Market Research
  • Integral Blue - ITS integrator
  • IMG Rebel Group - P3 Advisors
  • Seyburn Kahn - Legal Counsel
  • Trent University - Demo Lab
  • WSP - Project Management / Systems Engineering

P3Mobility will self-finance the pilot

Duration / Status

Expected to be 18-24 months

Financial Status

Not available

  • One of the first public deployments of DSRC connected vehicle technologies in the U.S.
  • Innovative opportunity to test the commercial viability of complementary DSRC services
  • Innovative group of project advisors assembled to lead a larger $100-150 million county-wide deployment of the DSRC technology should the pilot be successful
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Phil Bertolini
Oakland County Deputy County Executive
Tel: (248) 858-0457

Erin Milligan
CEO P3Mobility
Tel: (734) 476-4850

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