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Project Profile: Tangerine Road Corridor Project

Tangerine Road Corridor Project - Marana, Arizona

photo credit: Town of Marana


Marana, Arizona

Project Sponsor / Borrower

Town of Marana

Program Areas

Alternative Project DeliveryValue Capture

Value Capture Techniques Special Assessment Districts

Local Road


The Tangerine Road Corridor Project extends approximately 10 miles from its interchange with Interstate 10 in Marana, Arizona east to La Cañada Drive in Oro Valley. The major features of the project include widening the roadway to four lanes, adding landscaped medians to accommodate future traffic demands, eliminating existing dip crossings that accommodate stormwater and upgrading culverts to provide 100-year flood access, providing facilities for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, installing additional turn lanes and signalization at key intersections, and providing wildlife crossing areas.

The project consists of two equal-length segments for the purposes of construction. Segment 1, completed in 2018, extends from Dove Mountain Blvd. to La Cañada Drive. Segment 2, expected to start construction in 2022, continues from Dove Mountain Blvd. to I-10.

The project provides enhanced safety improvements compared with standard rural road improvements. It improves safety and access by eliminating dip crossings and providing shoulders for bicycle travel and sidewalks for pedestrians, connects two state highway facilities, and provides more direct access to I-10.

Tangerine Road runs through the Town of Marana, Pima County, and the Town of Oro Valley. These three governing agencies worked together on this project, with assistance from the Regional Transportation Authority, the fiscal manager for the 20-year regional transportation plan and the voter-approved local option sales tax within Pima County.

The Tangerine Road Corridor used two methods of value capture to pay for the project. For the RTA funding, a half-cent sales tax was introduced in 2006 to pay for infrastructure projects, leading to a multi-billion dollar infrastructure improvement plan that included the Tangerine Road Corridor. The Town of Marana, Arizona used special assessment bonds, through the Tangerine Farms Road Improvement District to cover its portion of the necessary funding.


$74,215,000 (original budget)

Funding Sources

Regional Transportation Authority (local option sales tax) - $45,325,000

Town of Marana (special assessment/improvement district bond proceeds) - $21,390,000

Pima County - $6,500,000

Town of Oro Valley - $1,000,000

Project Delivery / Contract Method

Construction Manager at Risk

Private Partner


Project Advisors / Consultants

Lead Designer - Psomas

  • Civil Design and GIS - Kittelson and Associates, Inc.
  • Landscaping and Irrigation - McGann & Associates
  • Hydrology and Culvert Hydraulics - CMG Drainage Engineering
  • Noise Analysis - Recon
  • Geotechnical Engineering - Terracon
  • Public Involvement - Kaneen Advertising & Public Relations

General Contractor/Construction Manager - Tangerine Corridor Constructors

  • Granite Construction
  • Borderland Construction

Improvement District Bonds Underwriter - Stone & Youngberg



Duration / Status

Construction on Segment 1 began in early 2016 and was completed in summer 2018. Segment 2 construction is expected to occur between 2022 and 2026.

Financial Status

Segment 1 - Closed

Segment 2 - Pending

  • Tangerine Farms Road Improvement District issues special assessment bonds for infrastructure improvements. These bonds are paid through assessment made to the property owners within the Tangerine Farms Road Improvement District. The town of Marana is responsible for the collection of the assessments and the disbursement of funds to retire the bonds.
  • In 2006, voters approved the RTA plan that implemented a half-cent sales tax increase to fund transportation improvements. The RTA used those revenues to pay for the Tangerine Road Corridor Project
  • The project was selected as one of the Public Works Projects of the Year by the American Public Works Association for excellence in the management, administration, and implementation of the project.
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Tom Houle
Project Manager, Town of Marana
Tel: (520) 382-2684

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