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How the Center for Innovative Finance Support Office Does Business...

How the Center for Innovative Finance Support Does Business...


The Center for Innovative Finance Support conducts a comprehensive research program within a broader, national agenda by engaging a wide spectrum of stakeholders to define the goals for the program and develop multi-year roadmaps. The Center's research focuses on (1) refining and developing new innovative strategies for project finance, revenue generation, and procurement; (2) developing and delivering tools for evaluating the applicability of the innovative strategies; and (3) addressing public policy, operational, and legislative issues associated with the strategies.

For more information contact:

Mark Sullivan
Director, Center Innovative Finance Support
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
FHWA-HIN, Room E66-304
Washington, DC 20590-9898

Federal Highway Administration | 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE | Washington, DC 20590 | 202-366-4000
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