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Updated P3-VALUE 2.2 Analytical Tool Now Available

FHWA has updated the P3-VALUE 2.2 spreadsheet-based calculation tool. The tool enables practitioners to conduct risk evaluation, financial feasibility assessment, benefit-cost analysis and value for money analysis for candidate P3 projects. Users enter inputs and key assumptions and are able to see how these affect the model output. While this P3 Toolkit analytical tool is intended to educate users in the analysis and screening of candidate P3 projects, it is not suitable for detailed project evaluation. Detailed analysis should be completed by experts using more sophisticated models. P3-VALUE 2.2 updates P3-VALUE 2.1 with an enhanced escalation option for the O&M component of availability payments; updates to a limited number of formulas and labels; and a listing of all functions used in the model in the "Key" sheet.

P3-VALUE Analytical Tool and User Resources (January 10, 2019)

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