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Project Profile: SR 163 and Friars Road Interchange Improvements

SR 163 and Friars Road Interchange Improvements   - San Diego, California

photo credit: Caltrans


San Diego, California

Project Sponsor / Borrower

City of San Diego


Program Areas

Value Capture

Value Capture Techniques Development Impact Fees / Mobility Fees

Highway and Local Road


The State Route 163 and Friars Road Interchange project modifies the interchange to improve traffic operations, provide improved access for bicyclists and pedestrians, and minimize weaving on south-bound SR 163 between Friars Road and I-8.

The Friars Road interchange was completed in 1970, when SR 163 was widened from four to eight lanes. The interchange was built to accommodate the increase in traffic that came with a growing area, but its capacity was soon exceeded from extensive residential and commercial growth. During peak travel times, vehicles slow significantly due to excessive traffic demand and weaving conditions on southbound SR 163 at Friars Road and at I-8.

Phase 1 includes widening the SR 163-Friars Road overpass from three to four lanes in each direction and making improvements to the SR 163 on- and off-ramps. A southbound SR 163 auxiliary lane and improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians (bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides of Friars Road) are also included in this phase.

Phases 2 and 3 are also planned contingent on future funding. Phase 2 includes construction of a new collector ramp from southbound S 163 to westbound I-8 and a new flyover entrance ramp from Ulric Street to southbound SR 163 to reduce weaving. Phase 3 will include two southbound SR 163 auxiliary lanes from Genesee Avenue to Friars Road and a northbound SR 163 auxiliary lane for motorists entering the freeway from Friars Road.


$45 million (Phase 1)

$71 million (Phase 2 and 3)

Funding Sources

Federal funds - $2,239,809

SANDAG TransNet (local option sales tax) - $23,010,812

Development Impact Fees - $16,918,488

Private Contributions - $3,131139

  • Sudberry Properties - $2,660,000
  • H.G. Fenton - $171,179
  • Missions at Rio Vista - $145,000
  • ASN Presidio View - $155,000
Project Delivery / Contract Method


Private Partner


Project Advisors / Consultants

Lead Designer - Dokken Engineering

Traffic Analysis - Linscott Law & Greenspan

Prime Contractor - Flatiron West



Duration / Status

Construction began in 2017

Substantial completion in Fall 2019

Financial Status

Phase 1 funding is completed. Phase 2 and 3 are awaiting funding

  • San Diego paid for a large portion of Phase 1 using development impact fees. Development impact fees are fees that are imposed by the City of San Diego on a new development project to assist in paying for projects necessitated by growth.
  • To complete the project without being fully funded before construction, Caltrans split the project into three phases, allowing the first phase to proceed while the others secured funding.
  • TransNet is a half-cent sales tax for local transportation projects, in place since 1988 that provided over half the funding for Phase 1. It has been a tool of the San Diego Association of Governments to expand the transportation system, reduce traffic congestion, and fund critical transit projects.
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Charles Gray
Project Manager, Caltrans

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