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Project Profile: Poplar Road Safety Improvements

Poplar Road Safety Improvements

photo credit: Stafford County


Stafford County, Virginia

Project Sponsor / Borrower

Stafford County

Program Areas

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Local Road


Poplar Road is a two-lane, north-south state road (SR-616) that serves the western part of Stafford County north of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The road is mostly used by local residents for intracounty travel that avoids Interstate traffic on I-95. Segments of Poplar Road required reconstruction to improve safety and drainage and bring the design up to current Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) standards.

Phase I included shoulder widenings, drainage and safety improvements from Poplar Road's southern terminus at Warrenton Road (Route 17) near Fredericksburg to 0.17 mile north of Truslow Road. Phases II continued reconstruction for another 0.6 mile north to Cedar Crest Lane. The total distance of Phases I and II is approximately 1.2 miles.

The county completed Phases I and II in March 2016. Funding for Phase I came from the Central West Impact Fee Area Fund created by the county in 2003 to collect fees from developers to fund needed infrastructure improvements. Phase II funding derives from a 2008 Transportation Bond Referendum. Fifty percent of Phase II was reimbursed by the VDOT Revenue Sharing Program.

A third phase will reconstruct the Poplar Road/Cedar Hill Lane intersection and construct new ditches for improved stormwater collection and treatment, some six miles to the north of Phases I and II. The 2008 Transportation Bond Referendum is also the source of funding for Phase III, which is currently in procurement.


$3,984,000 (construction and construction engineering inspections services)

  • Phase I - $2,287,000
  • Phase II - $1,697,000
Funding Sources

Phase I - Development Impact Fees

Phase II - Revenue bonds backed by transportation fund proceeds, reimbursed 50 percent by state funding

Project Delivery / Contract Method


Private Partner


Project Advisors / Consultants

Rinker Design Associates, P.C. - Design

Branch Highways, Inc. - Construction

Rinker Design Associates, P.C. - Construction Engineering Inspection Services



Duration / Status

Phase I and II construction authorization March 3, 2015. Construction complete March 2016. Final construction payment authorized September 7, 2016.

Phase III construction re-advertisement expected fall 2018.

Financial Status



Using the impact fee fund, the County was able to finance an additional phase of this project without using bond funds. Drawing upon the impact fee fund shows the County's willingness to seek alternative funding mechanisms to complete all phases of a project, reducing construction delays and overall costs.

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Alex Owsiak P.E.
Transportation Project Manager
Stafford County
Tel: (540) 658-4593

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