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Project Profile: I-5 Woodburn Interchange and Transit Facility Project

I-5 Woodburn Interchange and Transit Facility Project

Source: AASHTO


Woodburn, Oregon

Project Sponsor / Borrower

Oregon Department of Transportation

Program Areas

Value Capture

Value Capture Techniques Development Impact Fees / Mobility Fees



The I-5 Woodburn Interchange is located along I-5 at OR 214 and OR 219 (Hillsboro-Silverton Highway NE) in Woodburn, Oregon, 30 miles south of Portland and 19 miles north of Salem, providing access to Silverton, Mt Angel and Molalla to the east, and St. Paul and Newberg to the west. The $75 million project improves traffic flow, congestion and safety conditions around the interchange area by providing two new loop ramps, four rebuilt on and off-ramps, a new and wider bridge over I-5, and additional lanes on OR 214 and 219. The project also features a new transit/park-and-ride facility with electric vehicle charging stations, expanded sidewalks and bicycle lanes, and numerous aesthetic enhancements.

Funding for the project included an $8 million City of Woodburn contribution drawn from traffic impact fees collected citywide, as well as revenues generated from a new interchange development charge (IDC) passed by the City in April 2008. The IDC covers all new development that occurs within a designated interchange development area. This charge is levied within a zone deemed to benefit from the interchange. An IDC ordinance established under ORS 223.297- 223.314 defines the framework for levying development charges by local governments and requires that development within the IDC boundary will both create a larger impact on the interchange and receive greater benefits than development outside of the zone.


$72.3 million

Funding Sources

Federal Dedicated Funding - $800,000

State Funding

City of Woodburn (traffic impact fees and Interchange Development Charge) - $8 million

Project Delivery / Contract Method


Private Partner


Project Advisors / Consultants

K&E Excavating - General Contractor

Otak, Inc. - Planning and Design

JLA Public Involvement - Public Involvement


Not applicable

Duration / Status

Construction started in July 2013 and the project opened to traffic in late 2015, one year ahead of schedule.

Financial Status


  • The project created and preserved approximately 370 family-wage jobs in the Woodburn area, and created over 550 jobs in Oregon during and shortly following construction. The project facilitates significant potential for economic development by providing reliable accessibility that will attract new businesses and encourage the expansion of existing establishments.
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Louis Torres Public
Information Officer
Oregon Department of Transportation
Tel: (503) 986-2880

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