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Project Profile: Orchard Pond Parkway

Orchard Pond Parkway

photo credit: Leon County


Tallahassee, Florida

Project Sponsor

Jeff Phipps

Program Areas

Alternative Project DeliveryProject FinanceTolling and PricingValue Capture

Value Capture Techniques Private Contribution

Toll Highway


The Orchard Pond Parkway is a privately constructed 5.2-mile toll road north of Tallahassee, Florida. The roadway provides two 12-foot travel lanes and 5-foot bike lanes. A future, parallel nature/bike trail is also planned. The route creates an east-west connection among northeast Tallahassee neighborhoods between North Meridian Road and Old Bainbridge Road, paralleling the existing (dirt) Orchard Pond Road, reducing travel times to such locations as Tallahassee Regional Airport in southwest Tallahassee shorter for local residents.

The toll road is initially anticipated to serve 500 to 1,000 vehicles per day, increasing to 4,000 per day in 10 years. It is expected to turn a profit after three to five years. A construction loan from the state will be paid off in 30 years. The land through which the road runs is owned by the project's developer, Jeff Phipps. According to the private developer, a new road eventually would have been publically constructed along the existing Orchard Pond Road right-of-way, and he felt that by building the road himself, it could be done in way that preserved the natural environment around it. The road is owned by Leon County, who is leasing it back to Jeff Phipps for 99 years.


$17 million

Funding Sources

Florida Department of Transportation State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) loan - $13.5 million

Cash - $3.5 million

Project Delivery / Contract Method Design-build with Long-term Lease Concession (99 years)
Private Partner

Jeff Phipps

Project Advisors / Consultants

M Inc. - prime contractor

Moore Bass Consulting - design


Florida DOT SIB

Duration / Status

Construction began in January 2015.

Opened to traffic on April 18, 2016.

Financial Status


  • The roadway incorporates a number of features to accommodate wildlife and is intended to prevent suburban development and facilitate preservation of the land around it.
  • The developer donated a 20-foot wide scenic easement on the south side of the toll road and 40-foot wide scenic easements on both sides of the existing, parallel Orchard Pond Road, for the nature/bike path.
  • The developer's remaining land in the area is planned for conservation.
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Orchard Pond Parkway
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