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Project Profile: 95 Express

95 Express

photo credit: Jeffrey Katz, courtesy of FDOT


Miami, Florida

Project Borrower / Sponsor

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Program Areas

Alternative Project DeliveryTolling and Pricing


Highway / Managed Lanes


95 Express runs approximately 21 miles from SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) / I-395 near downtown Miami to Broward Boulevard near Fort Lauderdale. The express lanes are converted HOV lanes that allow single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) to use the lanes for a dynamically priced toll. The tolls are priced to maintain a minimum 45 mph speed in the express lanes. Project development entailed two phases. Phase 1, delivered as a design-build-finance project, consisted of two components.

Phase 1A, open in December 2008, included work on the seven-mile northbound travel lanes from south of SR 112 / I-195 to the Golden Glades Interchange with Florida's Turnpike north of 151st Street. The project included re-striping the northbound lanes to create two express lanes and four regular travel lanes, and installing electronic signage and tolling equipment in those lanes.

Phase 1B, open in January 2010, included construction of the equivalent southbound express lanes along I-95 from Florida's Turnpike to north of SR 836. The project included re-striping southbound lanes to create two express lanes and four regular travel lanes, and installing electronic signage and tolling equipment.

Phase 2, delivered as a design-build project between late 2011 and October 2016, extended the express lanes in both directions between Florida's Turnpike and Broward Boulevard by converting the existing HOV lanes into two express lanes in each direction. Project work also included ITS component installation, modification of the Ives Dairy Road interchange, bridge widening at several locations, and installing new noise walls.

Passenger vehicles and express transit services have access to the express lanes, but they are closed to trucks of three or more axles, which must use the regular lanes.

FDOT also plans to implement a Phase 3 in segments, extending the express lanes 29 miles north to Linton Boulevard in Palm Beach County and making a direct connection with the east-west 595 Express near the Phase 2 terminus. The first segment of Phase 3 began construction in mid-2016 and is anticipated to be complete in late 2019. Additional segments will be constructed between 2018 and 2023.


Phase 1A and 1B - $139 million

Phase 2 - $112 million

Phase 3 - $520 million

Funding Sources

Phase 1A and 1B

  • USDOT Urban Partnership Agreement (UPA) funds - $62.9 million ($19.5 million used for transit)
  • Federal funds - $62.6 million
  • State Legislative earmark - $33 million

Phase 2

  • ARRA (federal stimulus) funds - $105 million
  • Other federal, state, and local funds - $7 million
Project Delivery / Contract Method

Phase 1A and 1B - Design-build-finance

Phase 2 - Design-build

Private Partner

Phase 1A and 1B - FCCO CO - MCM JV

Phase 2 - Hubbard Construction and Metric Engineering

Project Advisors / Consultants

New Millennium Engineering, Inc. - Construction engineering and inspection (Phase 1A and 1B, Phase 2)



Duration / Status

Phase 1A construction began February 2008; electronic tolling began December 2008 (northbound lanes). Phase 1B construction began summer 2008; electronic tolling began January 2010 (southbound lanes). Cross-county express bus service by Broward County Transit began January 2010. Phase 2 construction began November 2011 and toll collection began October 2016.

Financial Status


  • One of six cities to receive federal funding through USDOT's Urban Partnerships and Congestion Reduction Demonstration programs (Phase 1A and 1B)
  • First implementation of priced managed lanes in Florida
  • Second project in the U.S. to increase occupancy requirements for HOV lane users (HOV 2+ to HOV 3+) to ensure the lanes will remain free-flowing and to create some excess capacity for priced vehicles
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Javier Rodriguez, P.E.
TSM&O Program Engineer
Florida Department of Transportation
Tel: (305) 640-7307

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