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Credit: fotosearch.com
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States Innovate!

Arizona Accelerates Bridge Construction on Route 66

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) replaced the 1930s-era Rio de Flag bridge on Route 66 in downtown Flagstaff using accelerated bridge construction with precast girders and slabs. In this method, the precast components are built offsite or adjacent to the alignment and include features that reduce the onsite construction time and mobility impact versus conventional construction. ADOT reports that it saved 6 months of construction impacts to travelers. Read more on ADOT’s Rio de Flag project webpage.

Time-lapse video form Arizona Department of Transportation

This time-lapse video shows Arizona DOT’s use of prefabricated elements to accelerate replacement of a 1930s-era bridge on Route 66.

Credit: Arizona Department of Transportation

Florida Launches Complete Streets Website

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) created a new, immersive complete streets website that explains complete streets principles and how they benefit the State. In addition to offering resources such as manuals, videos, and webinars, the website highlights complete streets projects across the State and allows users to visualize design alternatives. Interactive, 360-degree views allow users to explore project features such as rectangular rapid flashing beacons, pedestrian refuge islands, midblock refuge islands, and midblock traffic control signals. More information on these safety features is available on the Every Day Counts Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) webpage.

formwork used to encase bridge repair

The Florida DOT’s interactive complete streets website provides 360-degree views of pedestrian safety features on projects statewide.

Credit: Florida Department of Transportation, Map data ©2021 Google

States Offer Online Resources for Traffic Incident Management

States are developing new web-based resources to advance traffic incident management (TIM) training. Minnesota’s State Fire Marshall, a Division of Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety, created a repository called SceneSafe. The website includes a 30-minute video of best practices and safety measures for addressing roadway incidents, along with other resources to improve responder safety. The New Jersey Department of Transportation developed a Traffic Incident Management Resource Portal to provide ongoing support and guidance for TIM training that provides videos, diversion routes, and access to working groups. Hear about additional ways in which States are advancing TIM Training from the Talking TIM webinar series.

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