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Office of Innovative Program Delivery
About the Office

The Office of Performance and Innovative Finance Support

As a component of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, The Office of Performance and Innovative Finance Support works across the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to align capacity building, technical support, and program guidance concerning innovative funding and finance, a topic that overlaps extensively with innovative funds management and alternative project delivery. The Office of Performance and Innovative Finance Support’s mission is to expand the innovative funding and finance capacity of state, local, tribal, and other public agencies via training, technical assistance, policy guides, and analytical tools. Skillful application of innovative finance can help FHWA's partners more readily deliver infrastructure improvements that meet the needs of a 21st century transportation system

The Office has developed training courses available via webcast to all FHWA and external transportation professionals. Additionally, on an as-available basis, the Office offers onsite delivery of training, peer exchanges and workshops on these major topics: Public-Private Partnerships, Alternative Project Delivery, Value Capture Strategies, and Project Finance.

The Office provides national leadership in the advancement of public sector capacity in innovative funding and finance, assisting stakeholders throughout the transportation community. The Office works with offices throughout FHWA to support project delivery from planning to post-construction.  Partners in the delivery of these services include FHWA Division Offices, State DOTs, the Transportation Workforce Developmentthe Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)the Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP)the Everyday Counts (EDC) Program, the and the Coordinated Technology Implementation Program (CTIP).”

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