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Office of Innovative Program Delivery
Center for

Transportation Workforce Development

Primary/Secondary/Post Secondary and Professional Development

The Center for Transportation Workforce Development (CTWD) supports efforts to build awareness and interest in future careers in transportation among K-12 students. Programs and products help provide the skills necessary to succeed as members of tomorrow's transportation workforce.The CTWD also manages activities that integrate transportation into college and university programs striving to increase the number of post-secondary students interested in pursuing transportation-related careers. The Center provides management, leadership, and coordination for student transportation education programs to support the development of highly skilled individuals for the transportation workforce.


Transportation Education Development Program

FHWA Region Transportation Workforce Centers

The four Region Transportation Workforce Centers collectively form a National Network for Transportation Workforce Development ( to provide a strategic and efficient approach to transportation workforce development. They facilitate partnerships with key public and private organizations throughout the transportation, education, labor, and workforce investment communities to identify and promote effective transportation workforce activities and programs.

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Tabular data

Map of FHWA Region Transportation Workforce Centers


Shaping Your World Through Transportation and Technology

Explore new high-tech career opportunities in surface transportation using unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Everything from drone piloting to data analysis, design visualization, and system operations are in demand as UAS changes the fields of construction inspection, civil engineering, and emergency response. UAS - Shaping Your World (YouTube)

Careers in Transportation Curriculum Project

Careers in Transportation Curriculum Project provides transportation-focused lesson plans in math, science, and social studies that educators can incorporate into existing grade 6-12 courses and curriculums. All lesson plans housed on the site were developed by teachers for teachers with input from their industry partners and are free for everyone to use.

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