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K-12 Education and Training

The Center for Transportation Workforce Development supports efforts to build awareness and interest in future careers in transportation among K-12 students. Programs and products help provide the skills necessary to succeed as members of tomorrow's transportation workforce.


Garrett A. Morgan Transportation Technology Education Program

The Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Education Program improves the preparation of students, particularly women and minorities, in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through curriculum development and other activities related to transportation. As the nation's need for a highly skilled, diverse, and multi-disciplinary transportation workforce continues to grow, the program hopes to "Prepare today's youth to become tomorrow's transportation professionals." The program:

  • Builds a bridge between America's youth and the transportation community
  • Improves elementary and secondary (K-12) level students' skills in STEM through curriculum development, internships, mentoring programs, and other transportation-related activities
  • Facilitates partnerships among government, academia, and the private sector
  • Increases the understanding of the transportation industry and careers, and advancing transportation workforce development

The Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Education Program Clearinghouse broadly shares the results of projects funded by the program's grants and leverages other transportation education programs in support of the program's objectives. The Clearinghouse's purpose is to extend the benefits and successful practices of previous grant recipients to new audiences. It collects and analyzes program results, develops and disseminates successful practices and case studies promotes other innovative STEM related transportation curriculum and educational programs, seeks out and leverages other STEM interests, and works to establish partnerships in support of the Clearinghouse objectives.

National Summer Transportation Institutes (NSTI)

In an effort to support the development of a diverse, well-qualified workforce for the 21st century transportation industry, the National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) Program serves to increase awareness and stimulate interest in transportation to middle and high school students. NSTI is a two to four week Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) - focused program that exposes students to the transportation and encourages them to pursue transportation-related courses of study at the college and university level.

Institutions of higher education host students to introduce them to all modes of transportation. Accredited colleges and universities are selected as host sites upon application to a State DOT, which provides oversight along with program support and guidance from the FHWA Division Office.

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Fast Forward

Fast Forward is an electronic magazine designed to inspire youths to explore today the world of exciting, influential career opportunities awaiting them in the transportation industry of tomorrow. Fast Forward's informational content includes career profiles, featured interviews with real-world students and transportation professionals, and information on extracurricular programs and college scholarships.

Careers in Transportation Curriculum Project

Careers in Transportation Curriculum Project provides transportation-focused lesson plans in math, science, and social studies that educators can incorporate into existing grade 6-12 courses and curriculums. All lesson plans housed on the site were developed by teachers for teachers with input from their industry partners and are free for everyone to use.