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Transportation Workforce Development


On-the-Job Training Supportive Services (OJT/SS): On Federal-aid contracts, Federal regulations require State Departments of Transportation (State DOTs) to establish apprenticeship and training programs targeted at moving women, minorities, and disadvantaged persons into journey-level positions. The goal of the FHWA OJT/SS is to support the States’ OJT programs. Congress authorized the OJT/SS program in 23 U.S.C.140(b).

Every year, FHWA requests DOTs to submit a Statement of Work (SOW) demonstrating how the State DOT plans to provide a career path for minority, women, and/or disadvantagedgroups and individuals. State DOTs must also demonstrate involvement and collaboration among construction and professional trade associations, contractors, educational institutions (trade schools, public schools, community colleges, and universities), Departments of Labor, Departments of Education, and/or advocacy, non-profit, or veteran organizations. When developing a SOW, the State DOT must consider the following workforce and SOW fundamental outcomes:

  • Careers leading to journey status (Not Short-Term Jobs);
  • Partnerships and Meaningful Industry Engagement;
  • Strategies to Increase Opportunities for Under-Represented Populations;
  • Focus on Results and Outcomes;
  • Value for the Funds Provided.

For questions regarding On-the-Job Training Supportive Services (OJT/SS), please contact National OJT/SS Program Manager Chrisy Currier at (202) 923-0986, or by email at

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