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Major Projects


Project Management Plan Guidance Questions

The overarching purpose of a project management plan is to ensure that the project is aligned for success. The process of developing the plan is similar to that of developing a traditional construction management plan. However, when planning and executing a megaproject, these items take on a different degree of emphasis. Here are some of the thinking points that States should consider:

  • What is the purpose of the project?
    • What have been the historical commitments?
    • Planning and environmental phases?
  • Is there a clear, consistent description of what is to be accomplished?
    • Scope, commitments, and public expectations?
    • Social and community objectives?
  • Is there a clear, consistent definition of success?
    • Public trust and confidence?
    • Estimate?
    • Schedule?
    • Is there general public agreement?
    • Are metrics adequate to measure and track progress toward success?
  • Is there a clear, consistent understanding about the project execution strategy?
    • Has risk been assessed, and are there contingencies and a strategy to manage it? How will the contingencies be managed?
    • Can the strategy adapt to change...technological and scope? How?
    • Is there an acquisition strategy to execute the project most efficiently?
      • Right of way
      • Design and construction
      • Labor
      • Insurance: workers comp and general liability
    • Is there a clear description of how dispute resolutions will be worked out?
    • Is there a plan to mitigate adverse impacts during construction?
      • Traffic and commerce?
  • Is there a clearly defined and appropriate management organization?
    • Are roles and responsibilities clearly delineated?
      • Are authority thresholds clear and reasonable?
      • Public and private sector?
    • Does it facilitate efficient and timely decisionmaking?
  • Are the resources adequate and available to execute the project as scheduled?
    • Finance plan?
  • Are the controls adequate to keep track of the status of the project, including cost, schedule, scope, quality, safety, and security, in order for management to make timely and effective decisions?
    • Value engineering
    • Meetings, reports, and reviews...content, frequency, and distribution
    • Claims and change management
  • Is there an oversight plan that provides management with an objective, separate, and periodic review of project progress?
    • Are adequate checks and balances in place?
  • Is there a communications plan to keep public and stakeholder awareness and expectations current and accurate?
  • Is there a transition plan to move the project from construction to operations?
  • Is there a signed agreement among principals?
    • Multistate/jurisdictional
    • Elected and other public officials
Updated: 05/04/2023
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