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FHWA/MoDOT Partnering Agreements


October 2014

I. Definitions

MoDOT's Tangible Results, Values:

Blueprint to Save More Lives:

Project of Division Interest (PoDI):

II. Roles and Responsibilities of MoDOT

MoDOT's Role – Ensure the Construction Program performs in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations while implementing MoDOT's Tangible Results, Values, and the Blueprint to Save More Lives priorities and goals. For our program area, the following tasks are considered the most important and we will work with FHWA as true partners to ensure success:

III. Roles and Responsibilities of FHWA

IV. PoDI Selection Process

FHWA has developed an internal process for the identification of PoDI's, as required and in conformance with FHWA HQ guidance; this internal process will guide the yearly PoDI selection process. The PoDI process is a 3-step process, FHWA and MoDOT collaboration during each step will include:

The final PoDI matrix will be sent to MoDOT for inclusion in the EPG (section 123.1.1). FHWA will update the PoDI matrix quarterly and send the updated document to MoDOT.

V. Ground Rules

We agree to concentrate efforts in improving our work by following these ground rules:

VI. Conflict Resolution

In case of conflict, we will resolve it at the lowest level by the FHWA Transportation Engineer working with MoDOT District staff and Construction & Materials Liaison Engineers. If agreement cannot be reached after 21 days, we agree to elevate the issue in the following manner:

VII. Performance Evaluation

We will measure our construction program strength by the following measures. These measures will continue to be monitored and reported quarterly, unless otherwise noted. Measures may be added, modified or deleted by mutual agreement through revision to this partnering agreement.

VIII. Communications with Management

We will keep management informed of our activities and how our partnering is working by:

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