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An update of the manual is available! - HPMS Field Manual

HPMS Field Manual

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Summary Data Requirement
  4. Universe and Sample Data Requirements
  5. Linear Referencing System Requirement
    • General LRS Rules
    • Summary of LRS Data Requirements
    • Node Data File Coding Instructions
    • Data Item Details
    • Inventory Route Link Data File Coding Instructions
    • Data Item Details
  6. Updating HPMS Data
    • Introduction
    • General
    • Updating Universe and Sample Data
    • Updating Summary Data
    • Updating LRS Data
  7. Sample Selection and Maintenance


  1. Table of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Codes for States
  2. Urbanized Area Codes
  3. Volume Groups and Precision Levels
  4. Sample Size Estimation Procedures
  5. Measuring Pavement Roughness
  6. Traffic Monitoring Procedures for the HPMS
  7. Reporting Travel Data in Air Quality Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas
  8. LRS Data File Template Procedures
    • General Guidelines
    • Specific Options
  9. Climate Zone Definitions
  10. Description of HPMS Submittal Software
  11. Sample Adequacy Assessment Software
  12. Metric/English Conversion Procedures
    • Introduction
    • Hard Conversion
    • Soft Conversion
  13. Procedures for Estimating Weighted Design Speed
  14. Procedures for Estimating Highway Capacity



Updated: 10/12/2022

United States Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration