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An update of the manual is available! - HPMS Field Manual

Highway Performance Monitoring System Field Manual

for the Continuing Analytical and Statistical Database

HPMS - Examining Highways

May 2005
OMB No. 21250028

Office of Highway Policy Information
Federal Highway Administration

The following Chapters and Appendices are viewable in PDF and/or downloadable in Microsoft® Word format.

Table of Contents

Chapters PDF Word
Table of Contents toc.pdf, 37 kb toc.doc, 36 kb
Index index.pdf, 9 kb index.doc, 134 kb
Acronyms and Abbreviations acronymn.pdf, 8 kb acronymn.doc, 29 kb
Chapter I: Introduction chap1.pdf, 64 kb chap1.doc, 79 kb
Chapter II: Definitions chap2.pdf, 49 kb chap2.doc, 50 kb
Chapter III: Summary Data Requirements chap3.pdf, 140 kb chap3.doc, 712 kb
Chapter IV: Universe & Sample Data Requirements chap4.pdf, 219 kb chap4.doc, 4.7 mb
Chapter V: Linear Referencing System Requirements chap5.pdf, 85 kb chap5.doc, 389 kb
Chapter VI: Updating HPMS Data chap6.pdf, 23 kb chap6.doc, 73 kb
Chapter VII: Sample Selection and Maintenance chap7.pdf, 81 kb chap7.doc, 124 kb

Appendices PDF Word
Appendix A: Table of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Codes for States appa.pdf, 7 kb appa.doc, 34 kb
Appendix B: Urbanized Area Codes appb.pdf, 206 kb appb.doc, 75 kb
Appendix C: Volume Groups and Precision Levels appc.pdf, 53 kb appc.doc, 74 kb
Appendix D: Sample Size Estimation Procedures appd.pdf, 30 kb appd.doc, 32 kb
Appendix E: Measuring Pavement Roughness appe.pdf, 195 kb appe.doc, 1.9 mb
Appendix F: Traffic Monitoring Procedures for the HPMS appf.pdf, 38 kb appf.doc, 45 kb
Appendix G: Reporting Travel Data in Air Quality Nonattainment Areas appg.pdf, 101 kb appg.doc, 213 kb
Appendix H: LRS Data File Template Procedures apph.pdf, 10 kb apph.doc, 40 kb
Appendix I: Climate Zone Definitions appi.pdf, 8 kb appi.doc, 32 kb
Appendix J: Description of HPMS Submittal Software appj.pdf, 41 kb appj.doc, 117 kb
Appendix K: Sample Adequacy Assessment Software appk.pdf, 62 kb appk.doc, 74 kb
Appendix L: Metric/English Conversion Procedures appl.pdf, 34 kb appl.doc, 147 kb
Appendix M: Procedures for Estimating Weighted Design Speed appm.pdf, 16 kb appm.doc, 64 kb
Appendix N: Procedures for Estimating Highway Capacity appn.pdf, 355 kb appn.doc, 389 kb
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