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Research and References

  • AASHTO-AGC-ARTBA Joint Committee Subcommittee on New Highway Materials and Technologies Summary Report 2004
  • Cement from CO2: A Concrete Cure for Global Warming?
    A new technique could turn cement from a source of climate changing greenhouse gases into a way to remove them from the air
  • A Concrete Fix to Global Warming
    Jul, 23 2008, A new process stores carbon dioxide in precast concrete.
  • Hot, Cold and Green (and the 3Es)
    February 01, 2011 In-place pavement recycling meets a variety of needs.
  • Information Superhighway's Trash Yields A Super Highway Asphalt
    Discarded electronic hardware, including bits and pieces that built the information superhighway, can be recycled into additives used in asphalt binder that makes super-strong asphalt paving material for real highways, researchers in China are reporting in a new study.
  • Kohler recycles more than 50 percent of the spent foundry sand generated at its foundry in Wisconsin
    For more than a century, Kohler Co. has been working to keep Americans clean by producing sinks and bathtubs. Kohler has also been working to keep its environment clean by reducing their environmental footprint through reuse and recycling of their manufacturing waste.
  • Missouri DOT Gives Green to Get Green
    The Missouri Department of Transportation is testing an incentive that it feels will increase contractors' use of environmental programs in their daily business.
  • Partnering plus "Three E's" equals recycling success
    Jason Harrington, Recycling Technology Engineer, and Bill Bolles, Marketing Specialist, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, D.C.
  • Paving the Way to Recycled Roads
    Jeff Melton, as director of outreach at the national Recycled Materials Resource Center (RMRC), he is on the road a lot to promote sustainable highway engineering, including building roads with materials otherwise destined for landfills
  • Porous Pavement
    Porous Pavement Projects: The City of Olympia, WA began installing sections of porous pavement in 1999. Learn more about their porous pavement projects.
  • Recycled Materials Resource Center
    • RMRC Research Products
    • Completed Research
    • On-Going Research
  • Recycled Roofing Shingles a Source of Asphalt Binder
    A 4.1-mile, two-lane section of Route 671 in southeastern Virginia was paved using a surface mix containing 5-percent manufactured roofing shingle material.
  • Roofing the Road - Using Asphalt Shingles as Binder
  • Research Background
  • Tools and Resources for Using Industrial By-Product Materials in Road Construction
  • Turning Roofs Into Roads
    Recycling asphalt shingles into pavement makes ecological and economic sense.
  • The User Guidelines for Waste and Byproduct Material in Pavement Construction
  • Using Coal Ash in Highway Construction: A Guide to Benefits and Impacts
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road - in Chicago, IL
    by Frank Hill
  • More Recycling links
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