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FHWA/FTA Questions and Answers on Public Involvement in Transportation Decisionmaking

[14] What types of revisions to plans, TIPs, and STIPs do not require additional opportunity for public comment and/or publication under 23 CFR 450.316(b)(viii) and 23CFR450.212(d)?

Minor changes in plans, TIPs, and STIPs generally can be made after the MPO or State DOT has completed its public comment process without further opportunities for public involvement. Examples may include: minor changes in project scope or costs, and moving minor or non-controversial projects among the first 3 years of the TIP/STIP. However, MPOs and State DOTs should identify what are to be considered as minor changes, with the public, during the development of the public involvement process. What may appear to be minor to the public agency may not be considered minor to the public. This gives the public the chance to provide input on these definitions and for a common understanding on the public involvement procedures to be used to deal with specific types of changes to TIPs and STIPs.

Updated: 5/16/2013
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