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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations

This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-RD-03-085
Date: September 2003

Office of Research, Development, and Technology Fiscal Year 2004/2005 Performance Plan


This Performance Plan for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Research, Development, and Technology (RD&T) describes the research that we will conduct and the products and services we will provide in fiscal years (FY) 2004/2005. It also serves as a guidepost that will direct our efforts for improving operations and enhancing services.

The Office of RD&T is located at FHWA’s Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC), a federally owned and operated research facility in McLean, VA. The center contains more than 24 indoor and outdoor laboratories and support facilities, which provide FHWA and the world highway community with advanced research and development (R&D) related to new highway innovation. More than 300 personnel, consisting of Federal and onsite contract researchers and students, are engaged in or support transportation research at the center.

RD&T provides leadership for the FHWA Research and Technology (R&T) Program, which also involves our headquarters’ offices in program development and our field offices in technology and innovation (T&I). RD&T plays a key role in guiding the FHWA R&T Leadership Team as it implements the Corporate Master Plan (CMP) for research and deployment of T&I. The FHWA R&T Program directly supports the R&T goals of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and focuses on addressing significant transportation challenges that face our Nation today. RD&T has continuously improved its performance planning process over the past several years, beginning with the 2001/2002 Unit Plan and the FY 2002/2003 Performance Plan. The FY 2004/2005 Performance Plan rests solidly on the foundation of its precursors and is squarely aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of USDOT and FHWA.

We hope that this document encourages you to learn more about the people, laboratories, and research conducted or managed by FHWA RD&T. Our purpose is to communicate how RD&T strives to accomplish research that is essential, indispensable, and connected. I sincerely welcome your feedback on this plan and encourage you to provide suggestions for improvements through the TFHRC Web site at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/research/tfhrc/.

Dennis C. Judycki
Dennis C. Judycki
Associate Administrator for Research, Development, and Technology

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