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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations

This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-RD-03-085
Date: September 2003

Office of Research, Development, and Technology Fiscal Year 2004/2005 Performance Plan

RD&T Challenges and Commitments

To guide our business and performance plan, the RD&T Leadership Council’s vision is to conduct research and provide products and services that are essential, indispensable, and connected to our customers and partners. We are committed to continuing our Quality Journey (the process that FHWA uses to regularly assess its management practices); initiating program, process, and quality-of-worklife improvements; conducting outstanding research; and providing services that drive the achievement of FHWA strategic goals, and exceed customer and partner expectations. Our top four challenges and commitments for FY 2004/2005 are:

  1. Effectively Deliver Needed Products and Services
    1. Develop quality research products and services that address the needs of our internal customers and external partners in a timely manner.
    2. Improve R&T collaboration and communication with the FHWA Resource Center and Division Offices.
  2. Improve Business and Administrative Processes
    1. Implement the CMP within RD&T, and support the RD&T Associate Administrator in guiding the FHWA R&T Leadership Team in its oversight of the CMP implementation for the Agency.
    2. Refine and implement the lab assessment process to provide regular, independent feedback to improve the quality of lab-based research and services.
    3. Use research resources effectively and ensure efficient RD&T facility, organization, and program operations.
    4. Define and implement methodologies/tools to evaluate projects and measure performance.
      • Develop performance goals, measures, strategies, and initiatives to improve performance management in RD&T offices and laboratories.
      • Monitor measurement results and analyze performance management information.
      • Conduct the annual RD&T self-assessment process and apply results.
      • Develop and conduct RD&T customer-satisfaction surveys.
      • Assist in the implementation and review of agencywide performance-improvement initiatives within RD&T.
    5. Advance information technologies and systems to address the unique needs of a world-class research organization.
  3. TFHRC staff gathered at a computerDevelop and Recognize Employees
    1. Mentor employees and encourage training and professional development to build skills and add to capabilities and competencies.
    2. Improve the award and recognition program to value achievements, link directly to team accomplishments, and advance the RD&T Leadership Council’s Action Agenda.
  4. Communicate the FHWA R&T Story and Future Agenda
    1. Improve the communication of FHWA R&T initiatives and focus areas to stakeholders.
    2. Collaborate with FHWA headquarters and field offices to gather and disseminate information about achievements in FHWA T&I delivery.
    3. Identify national research program priorities, resources, and funding needs with our partners.
    4. Build a common advocacy to enhance the national R&T Program and legislative agenda.

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