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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-083
Date: August 2007

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Appendix B. Inventory of U.S. Cable-Stayed Bridges

An inventory of cable-stayed bridges in the United States was created to organize and share existing records with the research team. This database includes information on bridge geometry, cable properties, cable connections, aerodynamic detailing, site conditions, and observed responses to wind. The inventory is stored in Microsoft Access (Microsoft Office) database format, which allows for easy data entry and retrieval. Forms were designed to perform this task, complete with pull-down menus and control buttons, using the Visual Basic® programming language. These forms for data entry include a "switchboard" form and three categories of bridge data forms: General bridge data, cable data, and wind data.

Overall, 26 bridges have been added to the database, including several from outside the United States. Copies of contract drawings from which data was taken have been copied and filed for future reference. The following is the full list of bridges included in the inventory:

Table 9. Cable-stayed bridge inventory.
BridgeLocationMain Span (ft)
Annacis Bridge British Columbia1526
Greenville Bridge (U.S. 82) Mississippi1378
Dames Point Bridge Florida1300
Fred Hartman Bridge Texas1250
Sidney Lanier Bridge Georgia1250
Luling Bridge Louisiana1222
Sunshine Skyway Bridge Florida1200
William Natcher Bridge Kentucky1200
Cape Girardeau Bridge Missouri1150
Talmadge Memorial Bridge Georgia1100
Maysville-Aberdeen Bridge Kentucky1050
Pasco-Kennewick Intercity Bridge Washington981
East Huntington Bridge West Virginia900
FA Route 63 over Mississippi River Illinois900
Weirton-Steubenville Bridge West Virginia820
Cochrane Bridge Alabama780
Clark Bridge Illinois756
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge Delaware750
Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge Massachusetts745
Sixth Street Bridge West Virginia740
Burlington Bridge Iowa660
Veterans Memorial Bridge Texas640
Varina Enon Bridge Virginia630
PR 148 over La Plata River Puerto Rico525
Sitka Harbor Bridge Alaska450
Foss Waterway Bridge Washington350
1 ft = 0.305 m

The inventory forms are described in detail in the following pages.


Overall control of data entry and referential integrity between categories is provided by a switchboard from which the user selects which type of data to enter or retrieve. An example of the switchboard is shown below. The user may select from the three categories to either add a new entry or edit an existing entry. The selection will open data entry forms for the category requested.

Figure 29. Photo. U.S. cable-stayed bridge database: Switchboard.

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General Bridge Information

General bridge information is divided into two sections. General information includes bridge name, designers, suppliers, and bridge location. Structural data includes information on the superstructure, tower, cable, anchorages, and crossties.

Figure 30. Photo. U.S. cable-stayed bridge database: General bridge information.

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Cable Data

Cable data is divided into four sections: Cable geometry, cable properties, cable connections, and aerodynamic details. Cable geometry gives the end coordinates and calculates the cable length. Cable properties include strand type, size, dead load tension, and the protection system. Cable connections describes upper and lower anchors and fatigue test information. Aerodynamic details include descriptions of dampers and sheathing surface treatment. Information for each cable of the bridge is given individually.

Figure 31. Photo. U.S. cable-stayed bridge database: Cable data.

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Wind Data

Wind data includes bridge dynamic modes, superstructure mass, design wind speeds, and vibration measurement information. Data has only been entered for the Cape Girardeau Bridge.

Figure 32. Photo. U.S. cable-stayed bridge database: Wind data.

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