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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-13-036    Date:  August 2013
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-13-036
Date: August 2013


The Effective Integration of Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation Tools


The objective of this project was to develop a concept of operations to enable harmonious information exchange and data transferability among models of various domains and scales and to demonstrate the application of new methods and tools through a proof of concept and prototype demonstration.

The AMS data hub concept identifies a system of components necessary for effective model integration including a data schema, network editing tools, data conversion utilities, calibration utilities, and visualization tools. It also includes a cloud-based component to enable collaboration across multiple users and further visualization capabilities.

Test applications were successfully completed for test networks in Portland, OR, and Tucson, AZ. Demonstrations were performed for the respective modeling agencies (Portland Metro and PAG) and were well received. Both agencies are interested in further developing the AMS data hub concept to enable better linkages with signal timing data and DTA packages as well as conducting pilot tests using the AMS data hub tools.

The test applications achieved a time savings of 80 percent. The applications also demonstrated the ability to expand the use of AMS tools within an integrated modeling application which, in turn, improves the quality of results and results in better informed decisionmaking.

As this project resulted in a prototype and proof of concept, several steps are needed to continue to advance the AMS data hub concept so that it can be applied by many users for widespread integrated modeling applications across the United States and internationally.

Key recommendations for future advancement of the AMS data hub concept are as follows: