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The Safe, Accountable, Flexible and Efficient
Transportation Equity Act of 2003


Table of Contents

Sec. 1.Short title; Table of Contents.
Sec. 2.Definitions.


Subtitle A--Funding
Sec. 1101.Authorization of Appropriations.
Sec. 1102.Obligation Ceiling.
Sec. 1103.Apportionments.
Sec. 1104.Minimum Guarantee.
Sec. 1105.Revenue Aligned Budget Authority.

Subtitle B--New Programs
Sec. 1201.Infrastructure Performance and Maintenance Program.
Sec. 1202.Clarify Federal-aid Eligibility for Certain Security Projects.
Sec. 1203.Future of the Interstate Highway System.
Sec. 1204.Military Vehicle Access (Oversize and Overweight Vehicles; Relief From Tolls).
Sec. 1205.Freight Transportation Gateways; Freight Intermodal Connections.
Sec. 1206.Authority for Alternative Time-Saving Procedures for Critical Transportation Security Projects.

Subtitle C--Finance
Sec. 1301.Federal Share.
Sec. 1302.Transfer of Highway and Transit Funds.
Sec. 1303.State Infrastructure Bank Pilot Program.
Sec. 1304.Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) Amendments.
Sec. 1305.International Registration Plan And International Fuel Tax Agreement Facilitation.
Sec. 1306.Commercialized Rest Area Pilot Projects.
Sec. 1307.Highway Use Tax Evasion Projects.

Subtitle D--Program Efficiencies and Improvements - Safety
Sec. 1401.National Highway Safety Goal; National Blue Ribbon Commission on Highway Safety.
Sec. 1402.Highway Safety Improvement Program.
Sec. 1403.Operation Lifesaver.
Sec. 1404.Highway Safety Programs; Certification of Public Road Mileage.

Subtitle E--Program Efficiencies and Improvements - Planning
Sec. 1501.Metropolitan Planning.
Sec. 1502.Statewide Planning.
Sec. 1503.State Planning and Research.
Sec. 1504.Critical Real Property Acquisition.
Sec. 1505.Planning Capacity Building Initiative.

Subtitle F--Program Efficiencies and Improvements--Environment
Sec. 1601.Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program.
Sec. 1602.Efficient Environmental Reviews for Project Decisionmaking.
Sec. 1603.Assumption of Responsibility for Categorical Exclusions.
Sec. 1604.Section 4(f) Policy on Lands, Wildlife and Waterfowl Refuges, And Historic Sites.
Sec. 1605.National Scenic Byways Program.
Sec. 1606.Recreational Trails Program.
Sec. 1607.Exemption of the Interstate System.
Sec. 1608.Modifications to NHS/STP for Invasive Species, Wetlands, Brownfields, and Environmental Restoration.
Sec. 1609.Standards.
Sec. 1610.Use of HOV Lanes.
Sec. 1611.Bicycle Transportation and Pedestrian Walkways.
Sec. 1612.Transportation, Energy, and Environment.
Sec. 1613.Idling Reduction Facilities in Interstate Rights-of-Way.
Sec. 1614.Appropriation for Transportation Purposes of Lands or Interest in Lands Owned by the United States.
Sec. 1615.Toll Programs.
Sec. 1616.Ozone Standards, Particulate Matter Standards, And Regional Haze Program.
Sec. 1617.Indemnification on Certain Railbanked Projects.

Subtitle G--Program Efficiencies and Improvements - Operations
Sec. 1701.Transportation Systems Management and Operations.
Sec. 1702.Real-Time System Management Information Program.
Sec. 1703.Intelligent Transportation Systems Performance Incentive Program.
Sec. 1704.Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks Deployment.

Subtitle H--Program Efficiencies and Improvements - Federal-Aid Stewardship
Sec. 1801.Surface Transportation System Performance Pilot Program.
Sec. 1802.Stewardship and Oversight.
Sec. 1803.Emergency relief.
Sec. 1804.Federal Lands Highways Program.
Sec. 1805.Appalachian Development Highway System.
Sec. 1806.Multi-State Corridor Planning Program.
Sec. 1807.Border Planning, Operations, and Technology Program.
Sec. 1808.Territorial Highway Program Amendments.
Sec. 1809.Future Interstate System Routes.
Sec. 1810.Donations and Credits.
Sec. 1811.Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.
Sec. 1812.Highway Bridge Program.
Sec. 1813.Design-Build.
Sec. 1814.International Ferries.
Sec. 1815.Assumption of Responsibility for Transportation Enhancements, Recreational Trails, and Transportation and Community and System Preservation Program Projects.
Sec. 1816.Transportation, Community, and System Preservation Program.
Sec. 1817.Program Efficiencies - Finance

Subtitle I--Technical Corrections to Title 23, U.S.C.
Sec. 1901.Repeal or Update of Obsolete Text.
Sec. 1902.Clarification of Date.
Sec. 1903.Inclusion of Requirements for Signs Identifying Funding Sources in title 23.
Sec. 1904.Inclusion of "Buy America" Requirements in title 23.
Sec. 1905.Technical Amendments to 23 USC 140 - Nondiscrimination.
Sec. 1906.Federal Share Payable for Projects for Elimination of Hazards of Railway-Highway Crossings.

Sec. 2001.Highway Safety Programs.
Sec. 2002.Highway Safety Research And Development.
Sec. 2003.Emergency Medical Services.
Sec. 2004.State Traffic Safety Information System Improvements.
Sec. 2005.Authorization of Appropriations.
Sec. 2006.Repeal of Obsolete Provisions of title 23.

Sec. 3001.Short Title.
Sec. 3002.Updated Terminology; Amendments to Title 49, United States Code.
Sec. 3003.Policies, Findings, and Purposes.
Sec. 3004.Definitions.
Sec. 3005.Metropolitan Planning.
Sec. 3006.Statewide Planning.
Sec. 3007.Planning Programs.
Sec. 3008.Private Enterprise Participation.
Sec. 3009.Urbanized Area Public Transportation Formula Grants Program.
Sec. 3010.Formula Grants for Other Than Urbanized Areas.
Sec. 3011.New Freedom Program.
Sec. 3012.Major Capital Investment Program.
Sec. 3013.Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment Projects.
Sec. 3014.Cooperative Research Grant Program.
Sec. 3015.National Research Programs.
Sec. 3016.National Transit Institute.
Sec. 3017.Bus Testing Facility.
Sec. 3018.Bicycle Facilities.
Sec. 3019.Suspended Light Rail Technology Pilot Project.
Sec. 3020.General Provisions on Assistance.
Sec. 3021.Special Provisions for Capital Projects.
Sec. 3022.Contract Requirements.
Sec. 3023.Human Resources Programs.
Sec. 3024.Project Management Oversight And Review.
Sec. 3025.Project Review.
Sec. 3026.Investigations Of Safety And Security Risk.
Sec. 3027.State Safety Oversight.
Sec. 3028.Sensitive Security Information.
Sec. 3029.Terrorist Attacks And Other Acts Of Violence Against Public Transportation Systems.
Sec. 3030.Controlled Substances And Alcohol Misuse Testing.
Sec. 3031.Employee Protective Arrangements.
Sec. 3032.Administrative Procedures.
Sec. 3033.Reports And Audits.
Sec. 3034.Apportionments Of Appropriations For Formula Grants.
Sec. 3035.Apportionments Based On Fixed Guideway Factors.
Sec. 3036.Authorizations.
Sec. 3037.National Parks and Public Lands Legacy Project.
Sec. 3038.Over-the-Road Bus Accessibility Program.
Sec. 3039.Formula Grants For Special Needs Of Elderly Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities.
Sec. 3040.Job Access and Reverse Commute.

Sec. 4001.Authorization of Appropriations.
Sec. 4002.Motor Carrier Safety Grants.
Sec. 4003.Hobbs Act.
Sec. 4004.Penalty for Denial of Access to Records.
Sec. 4005.Medical Review Board and Medical Examiners.
Sec. 4006.Enforcement of Household Goods Regulations.
Sec. 4007.Registration of Commercial Motor Carriers, Freight Forwarders, and Brokers.
Sec. 4008.Financial Responsibility for Private Motor Carriers.
Sec. 4009.Increased Penalties for Out-Of-Service Violations and False Records.
Sec. 4010.Elimination of Commodity and Service Exemptions.
Sec. 4011.Intrastate Operations of Interstate Motor Carriers.
Sec. 4012.Authority to Stop Commercial Motor Vehicles.
Sec. 4013.Pattern of Safety Violations by Motor Carrier Management.
Sec. 4014.Motor Carrier Research and Technology Program.
Sec. 4015.International Cooperation.
Sec. 4016.Performance and Registration Information System Management (PRISM).
Sec. 4017.Information Systems and Data Analysis.
Sec. 4018.Outreach and Education.


Subtitle A--Funding
Sec. 5101.Authorization of Appropriations.

Subtitle B--Research, Technology, and Education
Sec. 5201.Research, Technology, and Education.
Sec. 5202.Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program.
Sec. 5203.Long-Term Bridge Performance Program; Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment Program.
Sec. 5204.Technology Deployment.
Sec. 5205.Training and Education.
Sec. 5206.Advanced Travel Forecasting Procedures Program.

Subtitle C--Multimodal Research Programs; Scholarship Opportunities
Sec. 5301.University Transportation Research.
Sec. 5302.Multimodal Research Program.
Sec. 5303.Commercial Remote Sensing Products.
Sec. 5304.Transportation Scholarship Opportunities Program.

Subtitle D--Transportation Data and Analysis
Sec. 5401.Bureau Of Transportation Statistics.

Subtitle E--Intelligent Transportation Systems Research
Sec. 5501.Short Title.
Sec. 5502.Goals and Purposes.
Sec. 5503.General Authorities and Requirements.
Sec. 5504.National Architecture and Standards.
Sec. 5505.Research and Development.
Sec. 5506.Use of Funds.
Sec. 5507.Definitions.
Sec. 5508.Repeal.

Sec. 6001.Transportation Planning.
Sec. 6002.Intermodal Passenger Facilities.


Subtitle A--Railroads
Sec. 7101.Rail Corridor Planning.
Sec. 7102.High Speed Rail Authorizations.

Subtitle B--Miscellaneous Technical Corrections to Title 49
Sec. 7201.Correction of Obsolete References to Interstate Commerce Commission.

Subtitle C--Hazardous Material Transportation
Sec. 7301.Definitions.
Sec. 7302.Representations and Tampering with Hazardous Material Packaging.
Sec. 7303.Hazardous Material Transportation Safety and Security.
Sec. 7304.Administrative Authority for Transportation Service and Infrastructure Assurance Research.
Sec. 7305.Postal Service Civil Penalty Authority.
Sec. 7306.Registration.
Sec. 7307.Shipping Paper Retention.
Sec. 7308.Planning And Training Grants.
Sec. 7309.Enforcement.
Sec. 7310.Penalties.
Sec. 7311.Emergency Waiver Of Preemption.
Sec. 7312.Judicial Review.

Subtitle D--Sanitary Food Transportation
Sec. 7401.Short Title.
Sec. 7402.Responsibilities of the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Sec. 7403.Department of Transportation Requirements.
Sec. 7404.Effective Date of the Subtitle.

Subtitle E--Sport Fishing and Boating Safety
Sec. 7501.Sport Fish Restoration Account Amendments.

Sec. 8101.Discretionary Spending Categories.
Sec. 8102.Level of Obligation Limitations.
Sec. 8103.Effectiveness of Title.

Sec. 9001.Short title; Amendment of 1986 Code.
Sec. 9002.Extension of Highway-Related Taxes and Trust Fund.
Sec. 9003.Extension of Tax Benefits for Alcohol Fuels.
Sec. 9004.Private Activity Bonds for Surface Transportation Infrastructure.
Sec. 9005.All Alcohol Fuel Taxes Transferred to Highway Trust Fund.
Sec. 9006.Transfer from Highway Trust Fund to Boat Safety Account.
Sec. 9007.Extension of Small-Engine Fuel Taxes Transferred to Sport Fish Restoration Account.
Sec. 9008.Technical Correction.
Sec. 9009.Transfer by Registered Pipeline, Vessel, or Barge Required for Fuel Tax Exemption of Bulk Transfers to Registered Terminals or Refineries; Display of Registration Requirement.
Sec. 9010.Returns Filed Electronically.
Sec. 9011.Civil Penalty for Refusal of Entry.
Sec. 9012.Requirement of Tax Payment Decal; Elimination of Installment Payments of Highway Use Tax.
Sec. 9013.Additional Rules Regarding Inspections of Records.


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