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Senate Legislation

List of Sections of S.1072, as passed, that impact FHWA, but are not in Title I -- FEDERAL-AID HIGHWAYWAYS.

In Title III - Public Transportation

Section 3045 - Intermodal Passenger Facilities. This program is part of the Federal-aid Highway Program and subject to its obligation limitation.

  • In Title IV-Safety
    Section 4175 - Study on Increased Speed Limits
  • In Title IV-Safety
    Section 4175 - Study on Increased Speed Limits
  • Section 4222(b)-Amends the FHWA administrative takedown language and is in conflict with the Title I provision.
  • Section 4223(d)-Amends the current penalty on highway apportionments for failure to comply with CDL requirements.
  • Section 4241-CVISN Deployment. This generally duplicates the CVISN program in Title I of the bill.
  • Section 4243-Operation of Restricted Property-Carrying Units on NHS
  • Section 4244-Operation of Longer Combination Vehicles on NHS
  • Sections 4602-4603-Build America Bonds (highways are eligible)
  • Section 4662-Use of CMAQ Funds for Boston to Portland Passenger Rail Service
  • Title V-Taxes and Trust Fund
    Section 5001-Funding for Highway Use Tax Evasion Projects
  • Section 5501-Motor Fuel Tax Enforcement Commission (and funding)
  • Section 5502-National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission - Overlap/Conflict with similar commission in section 1305.
  • Section 5504-Requirement for 2 studies related to highway funding mechanisms
  • Section 5505-Treasury study of fuel used in trucks' power takeoff units, and issues related to truck idling, including emissions.
  • Section 5506-Requirement for the Delta Regional Authority to conduct a study of transportation assets and needs in region.
  • Section 5507-Employer provided transit benefits.
  • Section 5691-Private Activity Bonds
  • Title VIII-Solid Waste Disposal
    Section 8001-Increased use of fly ash etc. in federally funded projects involving the procurement of concrete.

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