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Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2004, Part III
H.R. 4635, As Passed House and Senate June 23, 2004

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2(c)Advances for Interstate Maintenance, National Highway System, Bridge, Surface Transportation, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement, Recreational Trails, Appalachian Development Highway System, and Minimum Guarantee26,998,288,667CAHA/HTF
3FHWA Administrative Expenses343,628,000CAHA/HTF
4(a)(1)(A)Indian Reservation Roads (IRR)229,166,667CAHA/HTF
45(a)(1)(A)(ii)IRR Bridges (Setaside)[10,833,333]  
4(a)(1)(B)Public Lands Highways205,000,000CAHA/HTF
4(a)(1)(C)Park Roads and Parkways137,500,000CAHA/HTF
4(a)(1)(D)Refuge Roads16,666,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(2)National Corridor Planning and Development and Coordinated Border Infrastructure Programs116,666,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(3)(A)Construction of Ferry Boats and Ferry Terminal Facilities31,666,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(3)(B)(i)Setaside for projects on the NHS-Alaska[8,333,333]  
4(a)(3)(B)(ii)Setaside for projects on the NHS-New Jersey[4,166,667]  
4(a)(3)(B)(iii)Setaside for projects on the NHS-Washington[4,166,667]  
4(a)(4)National Scenic Byways Program22,916,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(5)Value Pricing Pilot Program9,166,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(6)Highway Use Tax Evasion4,166,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(7)Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Highway Program91,666,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(8)Bicycle and Pedestrian Grants (Clearinghouse)416,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(9)Transportation and Community and System Preservation Pilot Program20,833,333CAHA/HTF
4(a)(10)Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation116,666,667CAHA/HTF
4(a)(10)TIFIA Administrative Costs (Setaside)[1,666,667]  
4(b)(1)Surface Transportation Research87,500,000CAHA/HTF
4(b)(2)Technology Deployment Program45,833,333CAHA/HTF
7(q)Advanced Technology Pilot Program (Setaside)[4,142,083]  
4(b)(3)Training and Education17,500,000CAHA/HTF
4(b)(4)Bureau of Transportation Statistics25,833,333CAHA/HTF
4(b)(5)ITS Standards, Research, Operational Tests, and Development95,833,333CAHA/HTF
4(b)(6)ITS Deployment103,333,333CAHA/HTF
4(b)(7)University Transportation Research22,500,000CAHA/HTF
4(c)Metropolitan Planning200,000,000CAHA/HTF
4(d)Territorial Highway Program30,333,333CAHA/HTF
4(e)Alaska Highway15,666,667CAHA/HTF
4(f)Operation Lifesaver416,667CAHA/HTF
4(g)Bridge Discretionary Program83,333,333CAHA/HTF
4(h)Interstate Maintenance Discretionary Program83,333,333CAHA/HTF
4(i)Recreational Trails Administrative Costs625,000CAHA/HTF
4(j)Railway-highway Crossing Hazard Elimination in High Speed Rail Corridors4,375,000CAHA/HTF
4(j)Improvements to Minneapolis/St. Paul-Chicago Segment of Midwest High Speed Rail Corridor (Setaside)[208,333]  
4(k)DBE Training8,333,333CAHA/HTF
4(k)On-the-Job Training/Supportive Services8,333,333CAHA/HTF
5(a)Seat Belt Incentive Grants93,333,333CAHA/HTF
Administration of Program (limiting amount) 3/[2,600,000]  
5(a)Prevention of Intoxicated Driver Incentive Grants100,000,000CAHA/HTF
Administration of Program (limiting amount) 3/[2,600,000]  
Total Federal-aid Highway Contract Authority29,370,833,334  
2(d)Less: Exempt Minimum Guarantee532,500,000  
Total Subject to Limitation28,838,333,334  
2(d)Obligation Limitation Available for Distribution28,202,500,000  
Recap of Federal-aid Highway Program Contract Authority:
Allocated programs1,828,916,667  
Formula programs27,198,288,667  
FHWA Administrative Expense343,628,000  

1/ Authorizations are advances against full year authorizations to be made in separate legislation. The amounts shown, except for the portion of the Minimum Guarantee that is exempt from the obligation limitation, are subject to a 0.59 percent across-the-board cut pursuant to section 168(b) of Division H of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2004 (P.L. 108-199).
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2/ CA - Contract Authority. ABA - Appropriated Budget Authority
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3/ As provided by section 7 of P.L. 108-202.
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