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All Rhode Island DOT Featured Projects
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Project Highlights

6/10 Reconstruction Project

Route 6/10 Interchange are
Source: RIDOT

The Route 6/10 Interchange Reconstruction project is the largest single construction contract ever awarded in Rhode Island at $410 million. This massive project will reconstruct the entire interchange while replacing or removing the seven structurally deficient bridges in the interchange. For more information visit - 6/10 Reconstruction Project

I-95 Northbound Viaduct

Providence Viaduct Bridge aerial view
Source: RIDOT

This project will replace the structurally deficient northbound section of the Providence Viaduct Bridge. This large structure carries the highest volume of highway traffic in Rhode Island and is a critical transportation link for the city and state.

Thanks to the efforts of Rhode Island's Congressional delegation in securing a $60.3 million federal INFRA grant, RIDOT not only will replace the Viaduct, but will rebuild 11 bridges in total, many of which are of critical safety concern and will correct the inefficiencies, congestion and safety issues that exist today. For more information visit - I-95 Northbound Viaduct

I-195 Washington Bridge, Providence/East Providence

I-195 Washington Bridge, Providence/East Providence
Source: RIDOT

The $78 million Washington Bridge project is much more than a bridge project. While it will address the structural deficiencies of the westbound portion of the Washington Bridge, which carries I-195 over the Seekonk River between East Providence and Providence, it also includes a new off-ramp to support economic development opportunities and address chronic congestion issues on the Interstate.

Reconstruction of Newport Bridge Approaches

Pell Bridge aerial view
Source: RIDOT

The reconstruction of the Newport Pell Bridge Approaches was started to address the need to make travel into Newport easy and safe and to provide an efficient ramp system with a smaller footprint. The project will reduce congestion and vehicle queuing on the Pell Bridge and improve the connection between Newport's North End and the downtown area by reconfiguring the approach ramps to the Newport Pell Bridge. It will also spur economic development as it frees up parcels of land.

The project is divided into two phases. Phase 1 ($10.9 million) will focus on the reconstruction of JT Connell Highway and Coddington Highway. Phase 2 ($56.4 million) focuses on the ramp interchange itself.

This project includes a BUILD grant in the amount of $20 million - Simple, Smarter Roads for the Newport Innovation Corridor - Pell Bridge.

Phase 2 is subject to an Environmental Assessment process. For more information, please visit: www.pellbridge-ea.com. For more information visit - Reconstruction of Newport Bridge Approaches

Route 37 Improvements

Route 37 work
Source: RIDOT

The Rhode Island DOT is in the process of making improvements to Route 37. It will take two phases to complete these improvements (Phase 1-Bridge Group 51A and Phase 2-Bridge Group 51B and the Cranston Canyon). Route 37 freeway was built in the 1960s and is deteriorating because of increasing vehicular volumes and freight demands. In addition, almost half of its bridges are classified as being in poor condition. The improvements are made possible because the RI Congressional delegation secured a $20 million TIGER grant for Phase 1 and a $21 million BUILD grant for Phase 2.

Route 146 Reconstruction Project

highway with exit sign
Source: RIDOT

Design is underway on an estimated $150 million project that will make much-needed improvements along the Route 146 corridor, replacing multiple bridges, repaving 8 miles of roadway and correcting numerous safety and congestion problems. More than 171,000 vehicles travel Route 146 between Providence and Worcester each day.

The project includes the removal of the traffic signal where Route 146 meets Sayles Hill Road and construction of a bridge so the highway can pass freely over Sayles Hill Road. This intersection averages more than 85 crashes per year and is a source of significant congestion and travel delay. It is the only signalized intersection on the entire Route 146 highway corridor in Rhode Island.

Thanks to the efforts of Rhode Island's Congressional delegation, RIDOT secured a $65 million USDOT INFRA Grant to help fund the project. For more information visit - Route 146 Reconstruction Project

Henderson Bridge and Henderson Expressway

Henderson BridgeHenderson Expressway
Source: RIDOT

Proposed Improvements - Henderson Bridge was declared structurally deficient in 1996, the first year that RIDOT started keeping records. This year, thanks to the help of our Congressional delegation, RIDOT will rebuild it using an additional $54.5 million in federal funds. The total cost for this project is $88.5 million.

Known as the Red Bridge, Henderson is a 26-span steel girder structure spanning 2,000 feet over the Seekonk River. It carries 20,000 vehicles per day and connects the cities of Providence and East Providence. For more information visit - Henderson Bridge and Henderson Expressway


photo: RIDOT news photo collage

photo: RIDOT Flickr images strip

Live Traffic Cameras

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has implemented a high-tech system to monitor, assess and respond to roadway emergencies. The new system manages traffic on Rhode Island's major interstates (I-95, I-195, and I-295) as well as many major local routes throughout the state (Route 146, Route 4, Route 6, and Route 10.)

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