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EDC-3 (2015-2016)

"Efficiency through technology and collaboration"

Through the Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative, FHWA works with state and local transportation agencies and industry stakeholders to identify a new collection of innovations to champion every two years. Innovations are selected collaboratively by stakeholders from across the highway community, taking into consideration market readiness, impacts, benefits and ease of adoption of the innovation. Ultimately, a group of approximately a dozen technologies and processes are selected for promotion under each two-year EDC cycle. Sometimes innovations are held over from the previous round of EDC in order to assure a more thorough deployment nationally.

The announcement of the third round of innovations — EDC-3 — came on August 28, 2014. Although the clock doesn't start ticking on EDC-3 until January 1, 2015, the innovations have been announced and diverse technical teams have been established to develop implementation plans for each innovation and to manage the deployment effort over the two-year cycle (2015-2016). Transportation leaders from across the country will gather at regional summits this fall to discuss the EDC-3 innovations and share best practices. These summits begin the process for states, local public agencies and Federal Lands Highway Divisions to focus on the innovations that make the most sense for their unique program needs, establish performance goals and commit to finding opportunities to get those innovations into practice over the next two years.

The EDC-3 innovations are outlined below:


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