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ACTT A "How To" Guide for State Highway Agencies

Executive Summary

A Call to Action

This guide is a call to action: It transfers the opportunity for routine use of the now-popular Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer process from a handful of innovators to State owner agencies –with support from Federal Highway Administration divisions, ACTT Skill Set Team Leaders, and the Skill Sets Council. All these stakeholders are determined to spare motorists and communities from any avoidable construction-related traffic disruption, while helping agencies deliver state-of-the-art roadways that meet the demands of our increasingly mobile society.

What is ACTT? It is a process that assembles a team of "best in field" national leaders in common skill sets and delivers them to State project sites for structured workshops hosted by State highway agencies planning major construction projects. National and local counterparts meet to review project details, targeting innovations and solutions that reduce construction time, save money, improve safety, elevate quality and help agencies meet - or exceed - project goals.

How prevalent is ACTT? In less than three years, half of the 50 states have hosted or scheduled ACTT workshops for one or more projects - and a dozen more are lined up for future sessions.

Powered by Federal, State and industry partners committed to cutting construction time and curbing congestion for customers, the Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer process is taking root as a standard practice. In the early strategic planning of highway projects, enterprising planners, managers and engineers have seized the initiative to draw national experts to their own ACTT workshops with the sole purpose of fast-tracking quality construction.

The program enters an evolutionary phase in Fall 2005: the transition of implementation to State project delivery teams with facilitation from the Accelerated Construction Management Team (ACMT). The ACMT will help States routinely incorporate ACTT into major reconstruction and rehabilitation projects or corridors, boosting the rapid transfer of fresh technology solutions, minimizing risk, potentially saving construction time and dollars.

This "How To" guide outlines the steps an agency takes before, during and after ACTT workshops. The ACMT will administer portions of ACTT and analyze recurring workshop recommendations to spotlight innovations that save construction time and costs.

The ACMT is available to help owner agencies plan, organize and carry out ACTT workshops, maintaining a database of Skill Set experts and mobilizing the program's resources in support of State departments of transportation.

The Construction & System Preservation Team (C&SP) of the FHWA Office of Asset Management and the Construction and Project Management Technical Services Team in the FHWA Resource Center stand ready to support and advise as States and FHWA field offices adopt ACTT and document their results. Jim Sorenson of the C&SP Team serves as ACTT Program Manager and is available at (202) 366-1333 and james.sorenson@fhwa.dot.gov.

Contacts for the Accelerated Construction Management Team and Skill Set Team Leaders are listed in this guide's appendices and at http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/construction/accelerated/.

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Updated: 01/22/2016
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