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Bridging History: The Harford Road Bridge Project

Appendix C Environmental Skill Set

Idea Name Detailed Description Implementation Details (barriers, skills set coordination, etc.)
Project(s) coordination Facilitate meeting between BC DOT, BC DPW, Recreation and Parks, Bicycle Master Plan, MSA, MDE, FHWA, USACE, SHPO to coordinate work and combine or coordinate permitting. New pedestrian bridge on new location over Herring Run replacing existing bridge (temporary or permanent). Goal to wrap new pedestrian bridge into roadway bridge construction project.
Maintain document at the categorical exclusion level Be aware of Environmental Assessment triggers. The schedule to process an EA may take longer than desired to meet the proposed advertisement date.
  • Traffic simulations:
    • Determine the difference in traffic delay between phased construction and closed bridge/detour scenario.
    • Ensure that no additional right of way would be needed to facilitate detours such that the cumulative impacts would necessitate an EA.
  • BC DOT/MSHA to obtain written confirmation from FHWA to ensure that the approach to the 4(f) document would not elevate document to an EA.
  • Cater portion of Public Involvement Program to Maintenance of Traffic During Construction. Report results to FHWA early and often.
4(f) documentation Rewrite 4(f) evaluations to reflect all aspects of roadway related changes to the park. Project team should discuss the removal of "design and approval" authority for SHPO from the MOA; could be framed as "comment on" or "consultation" instead (would be preferable to leave out any such language). The MOA has not been fully executed, so it is still negotiable. Also, need to clarify the "salvage" clause of the MOA - what, if anything will be salvaged and who will pay for this? Caveat: the SHPO has concurred that the park is eligible as a historic park - this may allow the SHPO to comment on the project.

Determine how to provide pedestrian access that is currently provided by existing bridge. If new structure in park over Herring Run, obtain buy-in from USACE and MDE.

If woods will be eliminated as part of rebuilding the approaches, incorporate access (trail? stairway? ramp?) to the park and the new in-the-park pedestrian bridge for nearby residents.

Permitting Apply for permit modification to reflect all new impacts. Use facilitated agency meeting to discuss all proposed changes to typical section and resulting impacts.

Address storm water management early.

Time of year March 1st to May 31st.

Incorporate containment strategies in the construction contract, to protect the run during demolition and construction.

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